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Incredibly simple checkout solutions for Mac, Windows & Web.
Checkout + In-app Purchase.
A native payment experience. On the Web, Mac and Windows.

With native SDKs for payments, in-app purchases and insights on Mac and Windows, as well as a robust web-based toolkit, Paddle provides the most seamless, and beautiful checkout experience for your websites, applications and games.

Wherever your customer needs to purchase, give them a truly incredible checkout experience.

You can be setup and selling in minutes.
Essential tools for every developer.
A world of cross-platform extras to make your job easier.
Trial + Demo Versions
Create trials and demo versions of your apps and games in just a click.
License Codes + Activations
Payment integrated licenses and activations with the tick of a box.
Customer Support
We manage all of your order related customer support. Free.
Paddle Discovery
Grow your sales with Paddle's recommendation network.
Automatic Updates
Publish updates to your app or game instantly in just 3 clicks.
Crash Reporting
Symbolicated crash reports and stack traces. Aggregated in the cloud.
Simple pricing.
5% + 50¢
per transaction.
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