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The Giftmas Snapshot Bundle!
Pay what you want for 8 awesome photo/ image Mac apps.
Can't stop Dribbbl'in?

Hot Shots

Hot Shots is a fun way to browse Dribbble content.


  • Quick-Look support
  • View everyone's shots
  • View popular shots
  • View debut shots
  • View shots of players you're following
  • Vertical & Horizontal layouts
  • Notification support
  • GIF support
  • Scroll for more shots
  • Dribbble website in a toggle-able drawer
  • Download shots
  • Caching
  • Lots'a Settings
Gotta catch 'em all!

Capture web pages!

Web Snapper lets you capture Web pages -- exactly as they appear in your browser.

You can send them to a file, as images or vector-based, multi-page PDFs. It captures the whole Web page - eliminating the need to cut, paste and crop multiple screen-shots when trying to create an image or PDF.

Integrates with your browser

Web Snapper integrates with Safari via a toolbar button. When clicked, it takes a picture of the current site - but it will also work with any browser as a stand-alone application that accepts drag-and-drop URLs.

Maintain the perfect look & feel!

Regardless of how you invoke it, Web Snapper converts the URL it was given into a continuous vector PDF with everything on the page looking exactly as you originally saw it in the browser.

Give yourself some control!

Unrivalled precision

FinalTouch is a small un-obtrusive but powerful application. It allows you to slow down the speed of your mouse and achieve unrivalled precision.

Perfect for:

  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Pixel artists,
  • Retouchers
  • 3D Artists
  • Designers

FinalTouch allows you to create a hot key to slow down the speed of your mouse when you need extra precision. This is especially handy if you have large monitors and have your mouse speed set high.

Final Touch can be used with any mac compatible mouse and the Magic Pad.

Create vectors, technical illustrations, and beautiful art!

Vector drawing application

Bluetail is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use vector drawing application to help you create inspiring vector graphics. Bluetail has all the tools, giving you power that lets you draw any kind of shape, technical illustration, and beautiful art.


  • 3 kinds of Pencil Tools
  • Layers with blending options
  • Free Drawing Pen Tool
  • Drawing shapes - star, polygon, rounded rectangle, tiangle, diamond
  • Fill Color, Stroke Color
  • Fill Gradient, Stroke Gradient
  • Multi color gradient
  • Rotate, Scale
  • Grid System
  • Group shapes
  • Lock, make invisible layers
  • Export designs as vector-based PDF and EPS files
  • Export designs as bitmap-based PNG and JPG files
  • To draw with Bluetail: Choose a drawing tool from Toolbox and draw. Resize, Transform, Group, Ungroup, Export, Print.
Unique and breathtaking collages; perfect as a gift!

A collage-making app for all occasions.

  • Create unique and breathtaking gifts
  • Decorate your place with photos from your good times
  • Share your vacation photos with family and friends
  • Put them on your desk, to keep feeling relaxed
  • Surprise the newly weds with a wedding collage of your photos
  • Think of your love whenever you see your Mac desktop
  • Share the latest party over Facebook or Twitter
  • Celebrate your new car, hang it on your wall with all the details you got it for
  • Test drive your wall decoration
  • Invite people, more stylish than ever
  • Tease your upcoming photos
  • Carry your memories around on your mobile devices
  • Capture your greatest moments with your friends
The magic of polaroid brought to the Mac!

Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos

Experience the magic of Polaroid instant photos on your Mac. Introducing Instant, the officially licensed Polaroid app on Mac.

Instant brings the fun of Polaroid instant camera to your desktop. "Re-shoot" your digital photo with Instant, watch it develop as the image fades into existence just like in the old days!.

Key features

  • Realistic and fun UI and workflow. Instant mimics the workflow of a real Polaroid instant camera. Drag and drop your photo on to the camera, a view finder will pop up. Carefully select your field of view and click 'Shoot'. A picture framed with Polaroid classic border will slide out. Wait for it to "dry". Slowly the developed picture will finally show!

  • 30 vintage effect filters including 10 classic Polaroid filters. Each filter can adjust intensity, vignette, emulsion and blur effect.

  • Add hand-writing comment on the border, just like the really thing. Choose from 10 elegant hand-writing fonts. User can add their own fonts. Comment can be rotated and rescaled freely.

  • Pictures can be saved in original resolution with print quality, or in fixed size.

  • Effortlessly upload and share on facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr and picasa.

Don't hesitate to play. Try any picture you want, as many as you want. Because every picture of yours deserves an Instant treatment.

Instant supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF & BMP file formats.

Polaroid, Polaroid Classic Border Logo and Polaroid & Pixel are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used under license.

Polish up those images & photos!

Add those finishing touches!

PaintSupreme allows you to create, edit and polish images in a fun way. An easy-to-use and fun user interface paired with professional-quality tools makes PaintSupreme a hard to beat package for the price.


  • Create, edit and polish images with an easy-to-use and fun user interface.
  • Layer-based editing with an unlimited amount of layers.
  • Lots of powerful layer-based editing options (merge, group, lock etc.)
  • Powerful selection tools: Freehand, ellipse and lasso. Selections can be joined, subtracted and intersected and can also be loaded and saved.
  • Sophisticated but easy to use tools with a lot of powerful options, like the Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone and Paint Bucket tools.
  • Various transform, color adjustment and text tools.
  • Support of vector shapes which can be used as a shape source for the pixel tools and which can be converted to selections.
  • Guides and rulers make it easy to orientate and paint within sub-parts of the image.
  • Various filters to polish your images and photos.
  • Supports dozens of external image formats for import / export including .psd.
Easy batch photo enhancement

Make your photos more attractive

Photo Sense makes your photographs more attractive quickly and easily, without spending a lot of time and money on learning, purchasing, and using professional photo editing software.

Tonnes of functionality

Photo Sense enhances photos automatically, and allows you to customize results to your liking. It ensures that you get great results very quickly by supporting batch processing and image settings synchronization. In addition, you can give photos an artistic finishing touch by applying creative effects.

Fine-tune Photo Sense's hard work!

Instead of adjusting every photograph manually, as required in traditional photo editing software, just let Photo Sense process multiple photos completely automatically. Then save the results you like. If you wish to improve the automatic results, choose what adjustments (color correction, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpening, noise reduction etc.) should be applied to particular photographs (the semi-automatic customization). Furthermore, you can fine-tune the results manually as in traditional image editing software.

Complex algorithms are your friend!

The unique automatic photo enhancement algorithm implemented in Photo Sense embraces everything its developers learned during over 6 years of professional photography experience. The only shortcoming the application has compared to manual processing is the lack of human vision, which sometimes can lead to a suboptimal choice of automatic image processing parameters. With the tools provided by Photo Sense (two customization levels, batch processing, image settings synchronization etc.) you can easily and quickly perfect the automatic results.