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How used Paddle to scale their global business


monthly revenue (MRR) in 12 month

Acquired by career services technology company Talent Inc. in August 2021


additional headcount to manage sales tax compliance

Founded in 2012, started out selling access to its resume building technology through payment service provider, Stripe, and other local payment methods around the world. 

Helping job seekers build job-winning resumes is a solution to a global problem. knew this and created fully localized websites in key markets so that they could meet local expectations when it came to language and payment preferences. As such, the company quickly developed an international customer base and now has customers in over 100 countries. 

In 2020, reached a new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) milestone. While the growth was undoubtedly a cause for celebration, it also presented new challenges across payments and billing and highlighted areas where its previous provider was lacking functionality to support its scale.  

With this, they wanted to swiftly optimize these processes and boost efficiency without increasing costs or having to scale their small team.

Payments and compliance made easy

After evaluating their needs in a payment and billing infrastructure, it became clear that continuing with its current payment service provider would require additional tooling to manage global sales tax compliance and other parts of its payment infrastructure – and even then, some challenges would remain. Managing Director Menno Olsthoorn explains: 

“With a regular payment service provider, you need a bunch of other stuff on top. One thing we looked at was a sales tax calculation software like Avalara or TaxJar. But even then, you still have to make sure you’re collecting the right information and file the taxes yourself - it’s way too much work and overheads for us to manage in-house.”

“We needed help as we started to face these challenges and the support from Stripe wasn’t forthcoming.”

With this in mind, looked at more unified solutions and chose Paddle because: 

  • As a single platform, it took the most amount of work away from their team
  • The performance of the product was competitive
  • It’s a partnership that could enable their growth plans
  • And they were reassured by the level of customer service 

Menno said: 

“Paddle solved all of our problems and made the payments and billing side of running our business easy again.”

“A super easy migration process”

Once settled on Paddle as its new provider, both teams worked together to migrate Resume’s existing subscriptions – without triggering churn or disrupting renewal rates. migrated tens of thousands of live subscriptions from its previous provider to Paddle, fully supported by the Paddle team, Account Manager, and Solutions Architect. 

“The support from our previous provider was almost non-existent. When we moved to Paddle, the service we received felt like red carpet treatment,” says Menno. 

Together, Resume CTO Alex Taktarov and Paddle moved the subscriptions in just two weeks. Alex says: 

“We had one dedicated developer working on the migration, and the MVP integration took just four or five days. It was a super easy process, with no downtime or disturbance to our customers.”

Doubling monthly revenue in 12 months

Since partnering with Paddle, has continued to scale at pace:

  • Within 12 months the company had doubled monthly revenue 
  • Time and cost savings thanks to simplified accounting with Paddle payouts
  • Through Paddle, is fully sales tax compliant, globally (without any additional work for the team)

“Paddle has really helped us scale. We can process more and more transactions without having to worry about sales tax implications or creating more admin for the team.”

This scalability and the fact that their business was now 100% tax-compliant globally helped increase Resume’s appeal as a highly attractive investment opportunity. Menno adds: 

“We just didn’t need to worry about sales tax liabilities surfacing in the due diligence process, that was a huge benefit to us.”

They received several offers, and Resume accepted an acquisition offer by Talent Inc. in August 2021.

An innovative partnership

Businesses of Resume’s size that partner with Paddle benefit from a dedicated Account Manager. This includes real-time communications with the team as well as quarterly business reviews (QBRs) where performance data and growth recommendations are shared. Menno says: 

“Communication is really easy - if we have a question, we can contact the Paddle team directly through Slack”

Menno and the team have also been impressed by the continuous innovation and improvements being made to the Paddle platform. 

“Using Paddle is really flexible and means we can make changes to things like pricing very easily. 

“Paddle is also making continuous improvements to the platform too. We’re looking forward to making use of some of the new payment options as they become available.”

About is on a mission to help job seekers grow careers by making it easy to create a job-winning resume. To date, Resume’s online resume-building technology has helped job seekers in over 100 countries, with some winning jobs at companies such as PWC, BMW and T-Mobile. Find out more,here.