Update/Cancel Pages

Paddle provides super simple card update and subscription cancel pages that you can simply link to!

Using Subscription Update/Cancel Pages

You can redirect customers to update their card/ billing information, or cancel their subscription using the Update and Cancel pages. URLs to these pages are unique to each customer, and are persistent for the life of their subscription.

You can get access to these update/cancel URLs in following ways:

  • List Users API can be called to retrieve the update and cancel subscription URLs.
  • When a subscription is created, with the subscription_created event, we will include update_url and cancel_url POST fields with the response.
cancel_url: https://checkout.paddle.com/subscription/cancel?user=9&subscription=4&hash=35a5af29140c1f3bf046ec25ff0c79c3d836f9de

update_url: https://checkout.paddle.com/subscription/update?user=3&subscription=6&hash=7205e1472183d1cc870f229e9f762c947436ed07

Opening Update/Cancel Pages with Paddle.js (Overlay)

The subscription update and cancel pages can also be opened with Paddle.js, allowing them to overlay on your site in the same format as the checkout.

Both Paddle.js buttons and Javascript methods support Update/Cancel pages. Each take an override parameter that accepts the full update_url or cancel_url sent by Paddle.

Button Example

<a href="#!" class="paddle_button" data-override="https://paddle.com/example/update/url">Update Payment Information</a>

Javascript Example

  override: 'https://paddle.com/example/update/url'

Using the Dashboard API

If you’d prefer to do your own subscription cancellation management then it’s also possible to cancel subscriptions via the Dashboard API.

Questions about Paddle?

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