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What are 'Flagged Orders'?

This is only applicable to Paddle Classic

Orders that reach a certain fraud score will be flagged for manual approval by our support team. The team is there to investigate suspicious purchase / checkout activity, and ultimately to protect you from malicious customers.

The support team will manually investigate any orders flagged, approving orders they deem legitimate, and blocking/canceling any orders deemed fraudulent.

After completing the checkout process, if a customer’s order is deemed potentially fraudulent, they will be informed through a notification on the checkout and via email that their order has been flagged for manual approval.

At this point, Paddle will put an authorization hold on the customer’s money in their payment account for the transaction. This will then only be processed if the flagged order has been manually approved, and the customer is charged. If the flagged order is deemed fraudulent or illegitimate, the money is released back to the customer via their method of purchase, and they are not charged.

How long does it take for flagged orders to be handled?

Typically flagged orders are handled by a member of the team within 1-2 hours, but can take up to 12 hours.

If a customer contacts you regarding their flagged order, or they require the product as a matter of urgency, they can contact our support team here with the email address they have used to purchase the product.

Can I be notified of flagged orders?

Vendors can subscribe to the “High Risk Transaction Created” and “High Risk Transaction Updated” alerts in order to be notified of flagged orders via webhook and/or email. You can additionally be notified of this via the Checkout.PaymentComplete checkout event.

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