Pricing Page Teardown
Pricing Page Teardown

Pricing Page Teardown Season 7 Trailer

Pricing Page Teardown is back! An all new season of PPT premieres May 24th only on Paddle Studios.

New Look, Same Value

We're back with more insights, strategies, and expert analysis on top subscription companies. Look forward Patrick Campbell breaking down the approach of major SaaS and Subscription companies like ClickUp, Dropbox, Peloton, and more! Make sure you're subscribed to the show and never miss an episode.

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Patrick Campbell

This is the sneakiest ****** pricing page... it always makes me sad when the product is so much better than what's presented on the pricing page. Are they taking on future or are they taking on my fitness pal? I'm just confused. For all this pricing advice and how much more revenue they could be making. I'd better be time Person of the Year.

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Patrick Campbell

Why would we? Why would you wait? Oh, someone took the word AI and just vomited all over their page.