Pricing Tips
Pricing Tips

Tip 1: Pricing Best Practices

In this episode, our expert pricing specialist breaks down the three golden rules for crafting a winning pricing page: simplicity, buyer persona alignment, and value-centricity.

Pricing page best practices:
1. Keep it simple.
2. Align each tier with a buyer persona.
3. Center pricing around your value metric.

Welcome to 20 days of pricing tips, our new series where we break down 20 pricing tips in 20 days. I’m Alexa a member of the pricing team and I’ve worked on over 36 pricing projects. Today we’re covering Pricing Page Best Practices

The most successful pricing pages don’t have to be visually stunning or show you absolutely every feature your product has to offer—in fact, simplicity and less information often perform better. The most successful pricing pages we’ve seen follow three rules:

1. Keep it simple. While simpler pricing pages are almost always better than complicated ones, there’s a balance you need to strike. You need to make sure customers have all the information they need to make an informed decision but keep your pricing page simple enough so that your plans are understood in 20 seconds or less.

2. Align each tier with one target buyer persona. Quantifying your buyer personas is a crucial part of your pricing strategy and your pricing page is where this all comes together. Each plan on your pricing page should map to a single buyer persona, making it easier for potential customers to find the right plan for them.

3. Center pricing around your value metric. A value metric is essentially what you’re charging for in your service. Though each pricing tier can have different features, you should display your value metric prominently on your pricing page. This is critical for providing a clear path to expansion revenue: every time your customer's usage increases, you have an opportunity to upsell them on a more expensive (and valuable) plan.

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