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Frequently asked questions

Paddle/ProfitWell Legal Entity Changes

Learn about the Legal Entity change affecting ProfitWell contracts

Why is the Legal Entity changing?

As a result of the acquisition of ProfitWell by Paddle, we initiated an internal reorganization of the company to optimize our legal structure and simplify how we transact with our customers.

Who is the new party to my contract?

The new party to your contract will be Inc., with the address Inc.

3811 Ditmars Blvd, #1071
Astoria, New York, 11105-1803, USA

What does this mean for me/my business?

There is nothing more you need to do. This notification is to simply inform you of the change to the entity in your contract. Should you need any further documentation for your records, please send an email to

Will Paddle be making other entity changes in the future, and when?

Nothing further is planned beyond what we have communicated to you now. In the event there are further changes, we will provide advanced notification to allow you to prepare for those changes and communicate if any action is needed on your part.

What else will change as a result of this entity change?

This change is focused on our back office, rather than the delivery of our services. There will be minimal change in other areas of our business as a result of this entity change.

I have additional questions; who should I contact?

You can contact your customer success manager or reach out to