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Introduce self-serve

Open the floodgates with PLG

Introducing and scaling a product-led model can be lucrative, but it also requires a completely new sales motion.

The downmarket challenge

Opening a product-led channel is a different ball game to chasing enterprise sales. You need to:

  • Create an optimized checkout and automate your subscription logic. 
  • Handle global sales taxes and make changes to your product and commercial teams. 
  • Implement self-serve alongside your existing outbound sales structure. 

What’s more, hybrid billing can lead to siloed data and processes, which makes reporting on revenue even more challenging. 

illustration of self serve payment

The Paddle solution

Paddle gives you everything you need to do both. We handle your checkout, subscriptions, invoicing and taxes, while also providing billing support for all those new customers, so you can run both motions with confidence.

The bottom line: All the benefits of hybrid billing with none of the hassle.

paddle all in one platform


One simple partner to manage your self-serve launch


Turn on self-serve immediately, without hassle


Avoid multiple new integrations and workflows


Sell globally in a compliant way from day 1

No new integrations, no extra tools 

From invoices, checkout, and payment methods to risk mitigation, buyer support, and tax compliance, Paddle has all the tools to support both sales-led and product-led motions, so you don’t need to build or buy new payments platforms.  

screenshot of paddle create a subscription plan

Self-serve in seconds

Simply plug-and-play or easily customize dozens of design elements to create a seamless, ‘on-brand’ checkout experience and convert more customers. Paddle’s team of experts continually monitors and improves the checkout, so you don’t have to.

Paddle checkout

Multiple payment methods in all markets

One integration with Paddle enables multiple ways to pay. Configure currencies, payment methods, and subscriptions in just a few clicks. You can activate new business models and enter new markets with ease.

subscription plan pricing screenshot

All your revenue data in one place

Paddle reconciles and unifies all your revenue data. There’s nothing to reconcile manually and nothing extra to integrate. Instead, you can spend your time making smart data-led decisions and uncovering new opportunities.

All your revenue data in one place

We have a lot more control over the checkout experience now. It’s on-brand and cohesive with our website, which really increases customer trust in the experience.

Adam WathanCEO