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Why SaaS businesses choose Paddle over Digital River

From flexible subscription models and customizable checkouts to lower costs and more active support, discover why SaaS businesses are choosing Paddle over Digital River.

Paddle is a complete payments infrastructure platform

Paddle provides an all-in-one payments solution for software businesses, catering for payments, subscription billing, sales tax compliance, fraud protection, revenue recovery and more.

Digital River is a legacy merchant of record

Digital River is one of the oldest MOR solutions in the market offering payments, fraud, tax and compliance management. 

Flexible SaaS subscription models made for SaaS

With Digital River, creating and editing a range of subscription packages is complicated and complex, making it harder for SaaS businesses to attract and retain customers in the long-term. 

With Paddle, you can build and modify your subscription logic alongside all your payment methods, invoices, taxes, trials and dunning, so you’re always offering competitive subscription packages. 

More on how Paddle's built for software companies

Customizable checkout experience

Digital River’s checkout solution requires your developers to perform ongoing integrations and implementations to function effectively.

On the other hand, Paddle’s simple APIs enable you to easily create amazing customized checkouts, which include brandable designs, localized payment experiences and one-click upsells.

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Tailored support from day one

Digital River facilitates the e-commerce transactions for global brands, but takes no responsibility for customer support. 

Whereas, Paddle’s customer support team works with each Paddle customer to optimize their success and Paddle's billing support team takes care of your customers' subscription queries within a 14-hour response time, leading to a 95% customer satisfaction score.

Go-to-market faster with Paddle

Digital River has limited capability to support SaaS companies as they expand internationally, launch new products or move upmarket or downmarket.

Paddle’s payments infrastructure platform provides you with all the resources, support and technology you need to boost your revenue across the entire payment process and each customer lifecycle no matter the go-to-market strategy.

Lower cost with all-in-one pricing

Pricing is not just about value for money, but transparency too. Digital River’s hidden extra costs therefore negatively impacts budgets and trust. 

Paddle offers everything you need to sell software within one simple tool - all under one fully transparent cost.

  • Checkout
  • Payment processing
  • Subscription management
  • Pricing optimization
  • Localization
  • Tax compliance
  • One single source of truth
  • Payments infrastructure advisory
  • Managed Support