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Paddle In-App Purchase

Financial infrastructure for iOS app developers

Get the industry’s first alternative in-app payment system for iOS. All the benefits of the App Store, without the hefty price tag.

In-app purchase by Paddle

Take back control of your app business

The European Union's Digital Markets Act clears the way for app developers to choose alternative payment systems, opening a world of better options for developers and users.

Make more on every sale

With Paddle’s fees of just 5-10%, you earn more from every purchase. And with advanced payment recovery flows and retention tools, we help you convert and retain more customers.

Using Apple’s business model

When selling with Paddle, your apps stay on the App Store, but we make the sale – just like Apple. This means we’re liable for all the painful purchase admin, from global sales taxes to customer support. There’s nothing new for you to worry about.

Build better customer relationships

Paddle offers iOS apps better access to intelligence throughout the customer lifecycle. Now developers can optimize user experiences across iOS and the web, and directly deliver high-quality customer service without having to go through Apple.

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