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Paddle Billing

Customer FAQs

Paddle Billing

What is Paddle Billing?

Paddle Billing is a new set of developer friendly subscription billing APIs with feature enhancements and functionality improvements built to strengthen Paddle's Merchant of Record platform. This developer-friendly upgrade enables SaaS businesses to support more billing models, and represents a comprehensive step forward in Paddle's capabilities. It improves your ability to increase revenue, retain customers, and scale operations hassle-free.

What are the benefits of Paddle Billing?

Paddle Billing offers customers flexible, multi-product subscriptions, allowing customers to maximise revenue potential. There is no such thing as three core subscription plans anymore, buyers expect more value from their products and want to pay for what they need. Paddle Billing empowers SaaS businesses by providing flexible, multi-product subscriptions enabling them to sell more complex product offerings, for example, multiple product, multi-seat plans with add-ons.

Paddle Billing also features brand new APIs that are built to modern standards and are designed to be simple to use. The APIs have been built to empower our customers, and the API returns are thorough and helpful to outline causes and solutions. This is backed by comprehensive API documentation for a seamless developer experience. You can also attach custom data to every entity within Paddle to keep track of data that matters to you, whether that's on a customer, a subscription or an invoice.

With Paddle Billing, you’re also be able to streamline billing operations with a single source of truth, optimize payment collection with automated dunning, and internationalise quicker by offloading global tax compliance.

Do ProfitWell Metrics and Retain come with Paddle Billing?

Yes, it does. Any subscriptions company can use ProfitWell Metrics, free of charge, in both Paddle Classic and Paddle Billing.

Paddle Retain will power Paddle Billing’s dunning features with additional churn prevention tools as an enhanced offer.

Please note that you have to be a subscriptions company to use both ProfitWell Metrics and Retain products, they will not work for one-time only purchases.

How did Paddle decide on what features to build?

When deciding on the strategy for Paddle Billing, we gained insights and feedback from our customers on what could be improved. We also leveraged insights from 40,000 other subscription companies and interviewed some of them to understand what they needed in a perfect billing tool.

We also carried out extensive market research to interpret market signals to better understand where the SaaS industry is heading. All this informed our strategy and will continue to do so.

What has Paddle shipped lately?

You can stay updated and see what we’ve shipped in our Changelog.

Paddle Classic

What will happen to Paddle Classic?

Paddle Classic currently supports over 4,000 SaaS sellers around the world, it isn't going anywhere. It will continue to be a stable, compliant, and secure platform with strong and unwavering support.

Will you continue to develop new features in Paddle Classic?

Yes. You will continue to get updated payment methods and tax updates as they become available. However, some feature updates will only be available in Paddle Billing only. Stay tuned for updates.

What does this mean for existing customers?

Paddle Classic continues to be a reliable platform for all our customers, and you’ll be able to carry out transactions as usual. Nothing about Paddle Classic will change for you.

Can I still access developer docs for Paddle Classic?

Yes. You can find them at developer.paddle.com/classic.

How do I access Paddle Billing?

You can now access both Paddle Classic and Paddle Billing from your dashboard. You can set this up in your account settings. We encourage you to head over to our Developer Docs here to find out what you should know before enabling it.

Please note that once the toggle is enabled, you’ll have to contact Support to disable it.