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Reliable revenue data from a single source of truth

Checkout transactions, invoices and subscriptions all reported in one place.

Real-time revenue reporting

Access finance reporting straight from the source. All checkout, invoicing, and subscriptions are handled by Paddle, so you can use accurate data to report on your performance.

Precise, actionable revenue reporting without the headache. Leave clean-ups and confusion behind

Discover ProfitWell Metrics
Ditch the spreadsheets

SaaS insights your business lives by, all in one place

Supercharge your subscription insights with integrated ProfitWell Metrics. Subscription reporting made easy with real-time revenue, cash flow, and retention data presented in clear dashboards and reports.

Stop spending time merging data from multiple platforms, get all your net revenue retention data in one place. Paddle's performance dashboards and downloadable reports help you track your acquisition, recurring revenue, retention, and more.

Straight from the source

Get real-time insights straight from a single source by pulling data from our secure webhooks or APIs as it happens

Downloadable reports

Generate reports from the Paddle dashboard for quick, actionable analysis

Bespoke insights

Get in-depth analysis from our SaaS experts when using our premium Advisory service

Advanced segmentation

Drill into customer segments, cohorts, and pricing plan data to find growth trends