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Customer stories

Paddle helps thousands of software businesses grow faster with fewer distractions. Here’s how.

How a rapidly-growing AI SaaS business,, used Paddle to future-proof its international growth
EverSQL: "Paddle saved us time so we can focus on our SaaS product"
How Plausible Analytics outsourced tax compliance to Paddle to focus on growth
How Kaleido used Paddle to launch and scale their business globally
How Paddle helped n8n focus on what matters: customers and growth
How Fortinet Training Institute optimized self-serve billing to deliver cyber security training to the masses
Unified payments infrastructure: How Tailwind Labs optimized billing and payments
How MotionVFX optimized payment processes to increase conversion rate by 12%
How Renderforest Unlocked 3x ARR Growth
How Matomo saved 2 days of dev time a month
200% in 12 months: How MacPaw switched to SaaS and tripled its revenue
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How ProxyCrawl streamlined its payments processes and scaled globally
$500,000 launch campaigns: How Convertri built their "hybrid funnel"
How Razeware scaled sales by 960% with Paddle on Black Friday
How Tower Moved to a Subscription-based Model and Grew Revenue by 96% YoY
From 3% to 0.3%: How ProxyRack cut their chargeback rate by 90%
2x revenue & +35% conversions: How iMyMac monetized 10,000 daily users
How iMobie moved to SaaS and increased conversions 20%
How Iconosquare equipped themselves for product-led growth with Paddle