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Be investment-ready

Be investment-ready at all stages

Looking to the next funding round, IPO, or exit? Investors will want to see a clean, compliant, accurate, and future-proofed payments infrastructure.

Due diligence can be hard work

A convoluted payments stack is a big red flag to smart investors. They want to see you’re on top of your payment flows, tax liabilities, revenue recognition, and reporting.

Trying to assemble your own payments infrastructure triggers understandable concerns about the reliability of your numbers and your ability to grow quickly as you go international, move upmarket, or roll out new products.

Use reliable real-time data to confidently report on your performance

The Paddle solution

With Paddle, your entire payments infrastructure is clean, integrated, open and easy to audit. Investors want to visualize what they’re buying and know it’s ready for anything. With Paddle, that’s exactly what they get. 

The bottom line: a transparent, professional, and scalable payments infrastructure leads to a faster deal and higher valuation.

Focus on SaaS growth


Accurate and transparent payments data


Easier due diligence means closing deals faster


Maximize your margins to optimize your valuation


No unexpected liabilities or invisible barriers

Future-proofed payments infrastructure

Paddle’s integrated payments solution has everything you need to sell SaaS  — payments, subscriptions, invoices, tax compliance (and more) — and can be applied to any SaaS business model. No complicated payments stacks, no time wasted on maintenance, and no revenue bottlenecks — just easy scalability and endless optimization.

Paddle takes fraud concerns off your plate

Get your business investment ready

Prove commercial viability and growth potential to any investor with a clean, integrated, open, and auditable platform. With Paddle, you also get accurate reporting and revenue recognition so you can wave goodbye to confusing spreadsheets. 

Show better performance on key metrics 

Paddle has worked with 3000+ software companies, enabling rapid growth and high valuations. From net revenue retention and monthly recurring revenue to impressive conversion rates and minimal churn rates, we help you deliver best-in-class performance on all the metrics investors care about most. 

No compliance surprises when you grow

As a Merchant of Record, Paddle is able to register, collect, file, and remit taxes globally on your behalf. We take on your sales tax liability globally,  so you remain compliant and free from any nasty surprises as you scale.

Paddle can help you get there

As a merchant of record, we help you get to your end goal - whether it’s funding, acquisition or listing. 

We have a portfolio of public listed companies with over 1000+ employees, as well as stories of acquisitions happening every month (including Kaleido). 

And if funding is on your horizon, Paddle help you prove commercial viability and growth potential to any investor with a clean, integrated, open, and auditable platform.

We just didn’t need to worry about sales tax liabilities surfacing in the due diligence process, that was a huge benefit to us.

Menno OlsthoornManaging Director
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