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Why SaaS businesses choose Paddle over FastSpring

Paddle is a developer-first Merchant of Record (MoR) focused on helping SaaS companies operate and grow without added headaches and increasing costs.

FastSpring is an MoR made for the e-commerce era

FastSpring began as an MoR for e-commerce companies before venturing into SaaS and digital products. Much of its underlying infrastructure was built for e-commerce companies, adapted later for SaaS and digital products.

Paddle Billing was built for SaaS and digital

In 2023, Paddle launched its latest version of Billing, a modernized version of our flagship payments and billing platform. The API-led platform was built for developers in mind, equipping modern SaaS sellers with all the tools they need to go global. 

Maximize revenue with flexible subscription models

With Paddle Billing, you can create and sell fully customizable subscription models to meet the needs of modern SaaS consumers.

  • Sell multiple products in one plan, with multi-seat plus add-ons 
  • Provide buyers with more choices and increase order value
  • Maximise revenue potential with regional pricing, and set your prices based on willingness to pay
Learn more about Paddle’s subscription management

Modern checkouts that drive conversions

Paddle’s checkout is easy and intuitive to implement, with straightforward documentation to get started. We’re constantly optimizing our checkout to improve conversions. 

  • Modern and sleek inline or overlay checkouts
  • Localized checkout and payment experiences 
  • 17+ languages and 25+ currencies
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Smarter payment infrastructure for global sales

Use a modern payment stack built for SaaS companies to go global from day one. You can, for example, adjust your price in Euros for each European country to maximize revenue. 

  • Paddle automatically determines which payment methods to show to your customer, so you don't need to set this up
  • Use price overrides to offer country-specific prices, regardless of the currency
  • Enable ApplePay and GooglePay for both one-off and recurring payments
Learn more about our Payments solution

Do so much more with Paddle

Real-time SaaS analytics at your fingertips

Use ProfitWell Metrics by Paddle to get real-time SaaS metrics and analytics. Understand where growth is coming from to double down on what works. Do even more with your data by connecting to your favorite tools like HubSpot and Intercom.

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Reduce churn and improve retention, automatically

From recovering failed payments to delivering a personalized cancellation experience, Paddle Retain only takes a few minutes to set up and will work in the background to improve retention and grow your business.

Learn more about Paddle Retain

Go to market faster with a great support team

SaaS businesses grow faster with Paddle because no matter how you get started (self-serve or sales-led), we make sure you’re set up for success. 

  • Customer Support team with a 93%+ CSAT rating
  • Ready to help you expand into new regions, move up/downmarket, or launch new products

Simplified pricing from the start

FastSpring is known to have hidden costs and add-on fees on top of your standard rates. In comparison, Paddle customers get access to all of Paddle Billing with one transparent fee of 5% + 50¢ per transaction. This fee includes: 

  • Checkout
  • Payment processing
  • Subscription management
  • Invoicing
  • Localization
  • Tax compliance
  • ProfitWell Metrics
  • Payment recovery
  • Churn interventions
  • Expert growth and pricing advisory
  • Buyer and seller support