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Earn more from your web store with Paddle

Skip the platform fees and reach consumers globally with a web monetization strategy.

Mobile app companies trust Paddle to sell on the web

Grow beyond the walled garden

With the rise of viable alternatives to closed app store ecosystems, the opportunities to reach bigger audiences and avoid heavy platform fees is huge.

But the challenges of managing payments, currency conversions, refunds, chargebacks and sales tax all add up.

Use a web store to grow beyond the walled garden of first-party app stores

You worry about your product,
We’ll take care of your web store

Optimised checkout

Manage payments easily and automatically offer localized payment methods at checkout.

Global tax compliance

We automatically calculate, charge, file and remit the correct amount of sales tax on every single purchase.

Automatic localization

Increase conversions by offering your users the most relevant pricing and payment options for their region.

No payment headaches

Minimize payment failures with smart payment routing so payments get accepted around the world.

Combat churn automatically

Reduce customer churn with intelligent failed payment recovery and automated churn interventions.

Minimize chargeback risks

We fight chargebacks for you, ensuring you don’t lose out to false or fraudulent attempts to claim back revenue.

Grow your web store with Paddle

As a Merchant of Record, Paddle acts as the middleman between you and your customer. We take on all the risks and responsibilities associated with taking payments, honoring refunds and chargebacks, fraud protection and sales tax.

No need to build infrastructure that scales or figure out payment challenges.

A web store grows your ability to serve customers no matter where they are

Start selling to a global audience

Open your app up to internet users in any country, not just app store customers. Benefit from less competition on the web from similar apps.

Cut platform fees and increase revenue

Go directly to your users and save on app store fees. Keep more money in your pocket and boost customer lifetime value.

Slash your churn by 25%

Promote longer-term plans, salvage customers about to cancel, or win back customers who've already cancelled.

Having this possibility to diversify our revenue streams and reduce costs has made us even stronger as a business. With Paddle, we can better support price-sensitive students as well as other users, right around the world. That’s pretty amazing.

Patrick YipProduct Lead, Goodnotes
Tax, fraud and compliance

Scale globally with
complete confidence

We register for, charge and remit sales tax in over 100 global
jurisdictions. Paddle Billing is updated regularly to stay
compliant with the latest tax and data protection regulations
around the world. We monitor for fraudulent transactions and
chargebacks in real-time, keeping your business safe and

All so you don’t have to.

Chargeback protection

Ensuring you don’t lose out to false or fraudulent attempts to claim back revenue.

SOC2 certified

We are committed to data privacy and security and are fully SOC2 Type II certified.

Globally compliant

Fully compliant and always up to date with GDPR, CCPA, Swiss data protection law and more.

Take the headache out of growing your software business

We handle your payments, tax, subscriptions and more, so you can focus on growing