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Selling SaaS GloballyHandbook

A SaaS leader's practical guide to global expansion

In this four-part handbook, we explore the jobs to be done across teams and functions to successfully scale your SaaS business globally.

Front cover of the selling saas globally handbook

Expanding into new markets is a go-to growth strategy for SaaS companies, but it comes with a set of hurdles – many of which sneak up on business leaders.

Each part of the Selling SaaS Globally handbook offers practical guidance on the jobs to be done around the business and your options for doing them when going global.

Explore below, or download the PDF here.

Part One

Finance, Legal, and Operations

Where should finance, legal, and operations teams focus their attention to set themselves up for success, globally?

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Part Two

Sales and Marketing

Even the best product in the world won’t take off if it’s not supported by a robust, localized go-to-market strategy.

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Part Three

Product and Support

Even with broad reach, SaaS businesses need strong market fit to see meaningful traction in new territories.

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Part Four

People and Talent

Two things for fast-growth businesses to consider when building a best-in-class global team: Hiring for growth and culture.

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