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Our pricing

Your payments, billing, tax compliance, and more at an all-inclusive price.
No added costs, no hidden fees.


Global payments and billing seamlessly unified in one platform

Cross-border sales tax compliance

Protection against fraud and chargebacks

No migration fees, monthly fees, or hidden extras

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5% + 50¢per Checkout transaction
Custom pricing

Tailored pricing for rapidly scaling and established large-scale businesses.

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Custom pricing to fit your business model and products

Get access to optional premium services and success management

Custom migration services and implementation support

* If you’re selling products under $10 or require invoicing contact us for custom pricing

What's included?


High-performing payment flow you can embed into your website or application.


Manage and grow subscription billing, with everything you need in one place.


Multiple currencies, payment options, and routing logic needed to grow your revenue.

Tax and compliance

Total adherence to sales tax rules, international laws, and payment regulations.

Fraud protection

Prevent card attacks, fights bad-faith chargebacks, and screens fraudsters.


One single source of truth for reliable financial & management reporting

Upsell insights

Identify groups of inbound subscribers from the same business domain.

Customer support

Guidance on using Paddle, so you can stay focused on your growth.

Migration service

Migrate without putting subscribers at risk in the process.

Billing support

We handle queries from your customers related to payments, subscriptions & cancellations.

Additional features and services


Send invoices internationally without worrying about sales taxes or local regulations. 

Advisory services

Our Advisors ensure you have the performance updates, ongoing suggestions, and data insights

Implementation service

Bespoke implementation support from our Solutions Architects to help you navigate the setup process

With our cross-border payments, we were looking at around 3.5% fees with Stripe and 4.5% with PayPal. So, any savings would have been minimal. You just ask yourself, is any saving worth the admin burden and opening yourself up to extra scrutiny from the tax agencies? Absolutely not.

Adam WathanCEO, Tailwind Labs


How does the pricing work?

Our pricing model is all-inclusive with no monthly fee and there’s no additional cost for payment processing, additional payment methods, migrating your subscriptions and payment related buyer support.

Do you provide premium support?

Our premium Advisory offering is available for SaaS businesses with large transaction volume.

Do you take care of tax remittance?

We collect the correct rate of tax, track the filing deadlines, prepare our records, submit sales tax returns with all the other necessary documentation & payments to stay compliant, so you don’t have to.

Do you charge a different fee for lower order values?

If you’re selling product with under 10$ value you can contact us for bespoke pricing.

Am I locked in for a specific term? Can I cancel if I want to change payment infrastructure providers? What happens to my data?

We don’t do any lock-in periods and your data is 100% yours and can be migrated to another provider if needed.