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Procurement FAQs for buyers

Buying products and services from Paddle

Why does Paddle need to complete onboarding forms for buyers to complete a sale?

Paddle acts as the merchant of record (global reseller) of products and services provided by the vendors that use our services.

Since the transactional relationship will be between yourself and Paddle, it is appropriate that Paddle is registered as the supplier for the purposes of procurement administration.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We are not able to accept a purchase order and convert that into an invoice for payment. Most of our vendors do, however, accept purchase orders, so please, reach out to them.

How is Paddle.com Inc. related to Paddle.com Market Limited? 

Paddle.com Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paddle.com Market Ltd. Paddle.com Inc. is domiciled in New York, NY while Paddle.com Market Ltd has its offices in London, England.

I requested a W-8, but you sent a W-9. Why?

Previously, Paddle.com Market Ltd provided form W-8 to US buyers because we did not have an entity in the USA. As of 2020, we have Paddle.com Inc., based in New York, NY.

What is a W-8?

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-8 forms are required for foreign individuals and businesses who must file to verify their country of residence for tax purposes, certifying that they qualify for a lower rate of tax withholding. Since Paddle.com Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Paddle.com Market Ltd. is based in the USA, we no longer provide W-8 forms to purchasers based in the USA.

What is a W-9?

If you are a business, and you anticipate transacting with Paddle.com in excess of $600.00 per year, you should request a W-9.  Very simply, Form W-9 is used for providing necessary information, such as the Tax ID Number, to a person or company that will be making payments to us.

I want to pay in my local currency, why can’t I do this?

The software supplier sets the currency for the transaction. You will need to reach out to them to see if this is possible.

How can I verbally confirm your bank details?

If you need to verbally confirm our bank details, please email our team at procurement@paddle.com so that we can make arrangements. 

I am a software reseller - how do I place an order?

You can place an order directly via the vendor’s website. If you have a purchase order or are requesting bulk pricing, please reach out to the vendor directly. If you need their contact information, please reach out to our support team at assist@paddle.com.

I sent you a due diligence form, but you have not completed it. Why?

As noted previously, Paddle operates as a reseller and merchant of record. Paddle has a non-exclusive licence to resell software to buyers on behalf of software suppliers. Paddle is, therefore, the principal in the sales transaction between Paddle and the software buyer, and offers customer support for all order-related queries.

However, while buyers are acquiring the product from Paddle, the product itself is licensed by the software developer. In the same way that if you were to buy a computer through a retailer; purchase- related queries would be directed to the retailer, but product related queries would be directed to the manufacturer.

We are happy to provide information regarding the payments, but sometimes questions in business due diligence documents are best directed to the licensor of the software. Of course, we review all documents that are sent in by buyers and will complete information that may pertain to the sale transaction. We will be happy to liaise with the seller to be sure your document gets to the appropriate individual to complete it.