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2x revenue & +35% conversions: How iMyMac monetized 10,000 daily users



increase in conversions




iMyMac provides software to help people clean, speed up and optimize their Mac. Its Mac Cleaner, PowerMyMac and Video Converter products are used by 10,000 Mac owners every day. As it worked to expand into new markets, and leverage the depth of its freemium user base, iMyMac needed a more strategic billing and payments partner, one with knowledge of the Chinese market.

In particular, it wanted specialist support to build out its SaaS offer, improving the conversion rate of freemium users to monthly subscribers. As it focused on conversions and expansion, iMyMac wanted to address several issues:

1. Uncertainty about how to optimize the user experience and checkout process in a way that would improve customer conversion globally
2. A lack of deep localisation capability in new growth markets outside the US and China
3. Significant chargebacks, with no help or feedback from the existing billing provider on how to rectify this

High chargeback rates, below-par conversions and payment acceptance of freemium customers and barriers to entry in new markets meant iMyMac needed to overhaul its billing and payments processes to enable its next stage of growth.


Paddle’s Account Manager and Solution Architect partnered with the iMyMac development team on a one-month sprint to review and rebuild the user experience and customer journey.

The first step was to replace iMyMac’s legacy checkout, from their well-established merchant of record, with Paddle’s optimized Overlay Checkout. This was completed in a week, based on best practice for the industry vertical.

The second step was a thorough review of the website design and customer journey, leveraging data from thousands of comparable vendors targeting the same customer base. The Account Manager provided recommendations that were implemented by iMyMac within another week.

The third step was a review of first-hand data from iMyMac purchasing customers, leading to a further set of more granular design and customer journey recommendations. Based on this feedback, iMyMac was able to release a new version of its website within two weeks, completing the overhaul within the planned month.

This was a live process with Paddle conducting continuous A/B testing of its Overlay checkout to ensure the experience was optimized for different markets and product verticals. The checkout was further customized across iMyMac’s full range of markets, with the Paddle Pricing API used to support currency and language localization through a single platform.

Extensive support from the Paddle team, including in the local timezone, allowed iMyMac to complete this process quickly while requiring the time of only one in-house developer.

Finally, where iMyMac had previously struggled to derive data and insight from its billing partner, it gained complete visibility over orders, conversions and chargebacks in real-time through a combination of the Paddle support team, dashboard and webhooks.


With a redesigned website, enhanced user experience and Paddle established as the Merchant of Record, iMyMac found the strategic partner it needed to scale up its global growth ambitions, and overcome bottlenecks in customer conversion (defined here as the proportions of checkouts opened that are then completed).

Where iMyMac had previously lacked the insight or feedback to make changes to the billing process that would yield a business impact, it is now able to harness in-depth data in real-time, and get rapid answers around the clock from Paddle support teams in both the UK and Australia. As a result, iMyMac has:

  • Boosted its conversion rate from 45% to 61%
  • Seen a 2x increase in revenue within the first month
  • Completed a major website and user experience upgrade within four weeks

In the longer-term it is expected that the improved user experience, localization and insight capabilities will allow iMyMac to significantly reduce its chargebacks: ensuring not only that freemium users convert to paying customers, but that they remain subscribers for longer.