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How ProxyCrawl streamlined its payments processes and scaled globally


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a month saved in resource and support cost

Data crawling and scraping platform ProxyCrawl started selling paid subscriptions to its product using Stripe, PayPal, and wire transfers to process payments. 

A lack of integration between Stripe and PayPal meant that the team had to manage these systems and wire transfer payments separately. Product Manager Patrick Müller says: 

“It was too complicated managing three different payment processors and tracking each billing cycle.”

With thousands of customers all over the world, another layer of complexity in this process was managing local sales tax regulations. Patrick adds: 

“We wanted something that could handle online payments and international sales tax collection and remittance in one place, rather than working with several fragmented systems.”

A centralized solution

After evaluating a number of payment solutions, ProxyCrawl chose to implement Paddle’s all-in-one platform. There were a number of things that set Paddle apart from others on the market including: 

  • Access to multiple payment methods through a single integration (including PayPal)
  • A simple payout process that makes bookkeeping easier
  • Customizable checkout, including branding and local languages and currencies
  • Sales tax compliance managed through Paddle

Patrick explains: 

“To stay ahead of our competition, globally, we wanted a single platform for all of our transactions. Paddle offered us this centralized solution and it means that we get paid, without any complications or hassle.”

Streamlined processes save time and money

Switching from three payment processors to Paddle’s unified solution has streamlined ProxyCrawl’s revenue delivery process, saving the team 2 days of time each month that would previously have been spent managing payments and other administrative tasks. Patrick says: 

“Paddle has helped us significantly reduce the amount of paperwork we have, which has saved us both time and money.”

With Paddle Managed Support helping ProxyCrawl customers find solutions to any billing queries, the company also saves between $3000 - $5000 dollars a month on resources and support costs. Patrick continues: 

“The managed support helps to improve our customer experience and ensures that our product development resources can focus on other high-level work, rather than responding to these queries.”

As the company continues to scale, ProxyCrawl finds using a single provider also gives them a sustainable, competitive advantage over its competitors: 

“With Paddle, we can reach a wider global audience and localize their experience more easily. It helps us respond to new opportunities as we find them, rather than spending time implementing new tools and processes.”

About ProxyCrawl

ProxyCrawl is a leading crawling and scraping platform with a mission to make it easy for developers and companies to access internet data. Founded in 2017, ProxyCrawl is now trusted by over 50,000 clients all over the world.