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First look at the Benchmarkit 2024 SaaS Metrics Benchmarks Report

Join Paddle and Benchmarkit to discover the key benchmarks shaping the industry you need to know about in this year's Benchmarkit SaaS Metrics Benchmarks Report.

1 hour

Originally streamed May 21, 2024

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What's this session about:

2023 changed the rules of the game in B2B SaaS, but it also changed the baseline for B2B SaaS metrics benchmarks. 

CEOs, CFOs and Go-to-Market executives take unnecessary risks when they rely upon benchmarks that are not from 2023 actuals.

The 2024 SaaS Metrics Benchmark Report includes data from ~ 2,000 companies while providing key insights into capital efficiency, operational efficiency, customer acquisition, expansion, and retention performance in 2023. 

Join Andrew Davies, CMO at Paddle and Ray Rike, Founder and CEO at Benchmarkit as they discuss the findings from the newly released Benchmarkit 2024 SaaS Metrics Benchmark Report including:

  • The recent changes in growth
  • The impact of NRR declines
  • The continued increase in acquisition costs
  • The growing importance of customer retention 
  • How to turn the challenges within the market into opportunities

Andrew Davies

CMO, Paddle

Ray Rike

Founder & CEO, Benchmarkit