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Going global the right way: Proven strategies to unlock international SaaS growth

Join SaaS growth expert, Elena Verna, and Paddle CMO, Andrew Davies, as they share the top tips to achieve your international expansion ambitions.

1 hour

Originally streamed Feb 7, 2024

What's this session about:

SaaS leaders everywhere are quick to fall in love with the possibility of the international markets solving all of their growth problems. And while it’s true that expanding globally unlocks a world of revenue, it also unlocks a world of complexities. 

Where companies go wrong is that they fail to truly research and validate their assumptions before going international. The result is a disappointing lack of impact for all the effort they’ve put in. 

This is what’s called "Internationalization Theater" – when a company talks a big talk about going international without actually doing any meaningful work to get there. 

To avoid these pitfalls and successfully tap into global demand, you need a strategic, approach tailored to each new target country or region. In this webinar, Elena Verna and Andrew Davies will share real-world examples of how to go global the right way.

You'll learn:

  • The 3-tier framework for prioritizing international opportunities.
  • How to structure a regional launch task force that accelerates your entry into new markets.
  • A step-by-step guide to validate assumptions before going live, ensuring your global expansion is rooted in solid ground.

Elena Verna

VP Growth, Dropbox

Andrew Davies

CMO, Paddle