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Pricing your AI product: Monetization strategies that move the needle

Join the Price Intelligently team to understand the importance of optimizing your AI monetization strategy for future growth.

1 hour

Originally streamed Jan 31, 2024

What's this session about:

AI is the biggest trend in the market, but how do you stand out against the competition? If you are building out AI capabilities in your product or a native AI product, now is the time to get ahead with a clear monetization strategy. 

In the 2023 OpenView SaaS Benchmarks report, one of the pockets of resilience amid all the bad news is monetized AI. SaaS companies that both launched and monetized AI products were 1.5x more likely to be successful.

However only 15% of those who launched AI features or had AI on their product roadmap in 2023 had monetized AI. Launching your AI product without optimizing your pricing strategy will cause you problems down the line.

The Price Intelligently team works day in, day out with SaaS companies that are building out their AI to help them optimize and improve monetization strategies for their product and features. Join Evan Grub and Jack Cove, from Price Intelligently by Paddle, to get the latest insight and tips.

Key takeaways:

  • How to understand the value your AI tool or product adds to your customer.
  • How this will likely lead to a more complex pricing structure and how to get started with this.
  • Examples from best-in-class strategies that we have seen and worked with.

Evan Grubb

Partnerships, Price Intelligently by Paddle

Jack Cove

Pricing Strategist, Price Intelligently by Paddle