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Sales-assisted billing: The good, the bad, the ugly

Industry learning on sales-assisted billing motions

Hear about the challenges of sales-assisted billing for fast-growth software companies and best practices from experts.

1 hour

Originally streamed Mar 17, 2022

What's this session about:

Industry learning

  • Discussions on the challenges & complexities SaaS companies face with sales-assisted billing motions
  • Best practices on invoicing and how Paddle helps software companies grow their B2B revenue in an automated and compliant way

Fireside chat with Paddle build partner Applied

  • Reflections on key learnings from the invoicing discovery process, during which Paddle analyzed pain points and identified the best solutions

Early Access launch

  • Be the first to know about Paddle's new Invoicing solution built for B2B SaaS companies
  • We will reveal new features and host a live Q&A so you can learn more about how you can join Early Access and start selling via a sales-assisted motion with Paddle

Alex Wilson

Account Executive (Invoicing) @ Paddle

Demetre Constantopoulos

Financial Manager @ Applied

Lucas Lovell

Director of Product (Invoicing) @ Paddle