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Scaling PLG: Global growth without the chaos

What's this session about:

Everyone wants growth. But growth brings complexity. Even if you've built a friction-less product-led growth model for your SaaS, every new pricing tier, each new territory, a new customer type brings new headaches.

Over the past 10 years, product-led growth (PLG) has proven to be incredibly effective at generating low-cost customers globally, therefore making PLG businesses international from day one. And most businesses don't stay product-only. It isn't enough to drive contract value, so sales teams are hired to build upmarket.

Your revenue org needs a system that does all of this well, when current tooling is inadequate to fully address these needs. Otherwise the hidden challenges start becoming growth blockers.

Key takeaways:

  • The principles of scaling SaaS PLG
  • Roadblocks to internationalization
  • Practical takeaways to solve for efficient growth