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Subscription Reporting

All of your SaaS metrics just a click away

Supercharge your subscription reporting with fully integrated ProfitWell Metrics

Paddle's reporting dashboards provide a single source of truth for your revenue data
30,000+ companies Use Metrics To understand and grow their subscription business
Essential revenue reporting

A clean view of the metrics your business lives by

ProfitWell Metrics covers all your key subscription KPIs and metrics right out of the box

Monthly recurring revenue
Upgrades and downgrades
Customer lifetime value
Active customers
Revenue per customer
Focus your growth

Use customer insights to boost your bottom line

Customer health scores and signals show you where and how to grow your customers' spend. Meanwhile, the retention reporting tools help you stop churn in its tracks.

Monitor user engagement to nudge trialing users to convert or upsell loyal users

Use activity data to help you find and focus on at-risk customers

Track trends in user engagement and compare customer activity across plans.

Gain access to the biggest subscription dataset in SaaS

Use ProfitWell Metrics' powerful benchmarking and segmentation tools to see how well your business stands up against 30,000 subscription and SaaS companies. Drill into customer segments, cohorts, and pricing plan data to find growth trends.

Monitor failed payments in real-time

Cancelled credit cards and insufficient funds are just two of the reasons why a subscriber's payment might fail and cause the customer to churn involuntarily. With ProfitWell Metrics, know how much revenue you're losing to this type of churn.

Complies with data privacy and security requirements, including GDPR and CCPA

Enriched with Clearbit and FullContact data for deeper segmentation

Customizable alerts keep you informed about the metrics you care about

ProfitWell Metrics is a great tool for any business running subscriptions. Well-done UI with solid reports and visualizations that give you great insights to customer and revenue growth.

Rossveth LopezFounder

Level up with real-time subscription metrics

Get powerful, out-of-the-box features helping you track your subscription growth in real-time


Not on Paddle? No problem

ProfitWell Metrics integrates with Stripe, Chargebee, and many other payment and billing tools — for free.

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