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Beta Access

Paddle Beta integration with ProfitWell Metrics

Frequently asked questions

What is ProfitWell?

Trusted by 22,000+ companies in over 100+ countries, ProfitWell offers revenue automation products that automatically reduce churn, optimize pricing, and provide free subscription analytics. They offer free and paid subscription software to help companies track their growth and business performance.

What is ProfitWell Metrics?

ProfitWell Metrics is a subscription analytics and reporting tool providing users with all the financial and revenue operations metrics they need to grow their business. It’s used by reputable subscription businesses such as Canva and Notion and is completely free forever.

What's different to the integration you used to have with ProfitWell and that got deprecated?

This integration is being done in conjunction with the team at ProfitWell. In the previous integration we had, we integrated using their API. With this new approach, working directly with the team at ProfitWell, they are able to ingest our event data in order to cover more use-cases and create a deeper and more accurate integration.

Who can integrate with ProfitWell Metrics?

Any Paddle customer offering subscriptions can use ProfitWell Metrics. In order to enable the integration, they must have either the Admin or Technical role enabled in the Paddle Dashboard.

What are the benefits of integrating with ProfitWell Metrics?

With the Paddle + ProfitWell Metrics integration, you can:

  • see your subscription metrics in just a few clicks and get powerful, out-of-the-box features helping you track your subscription growth in real-time,
  • drill into each customer’s subscription and engagement history and track their performance,
  • understand where your churn is coming from and how to improve it with churn and cohort reporting, or monitor how your free trials convert to paid customers.
How much does ProfitWell Metrics cost?

ProfitWell Metrics is 100% free forever, helping customers discover revenue problems.

Can I get Metrics data via API?

Yes, you can use the ProfitWell Metrics API in order to get your data.

I already have a ProfitWell account - can I use that?

In order to use the integration between Paddle and ProfitWell, you will need to log into ProfitWell with your Paddle account. This means you will not be able to use any existing ProfitWell accounts you have.

Can I import other data into ProfitWell Metrics?

Right now, ProfitWell Merics cannot have more than one source of data. This means that you can only have Paddle data in your ProfitWell Metrics account. ProfitWell are looking at how to enable this in the future.

I have multiple Paddle accounts - how do I use ProfitWell Metrics?

Each of your Paddle accounts will get an equivalent ProfitWell account. There is currently no way to merge these.

What about the other ProfitWell products, like Retain and Recognized?

We are in the process of integrating these. We’ll release more details in the coming months.