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A guide to billing support at Paddle

When you sell with Paddle, our billing support function becomes an extension of your team, helping to answer questions or concerns that your buyers might have about a payment or purchase. Here's everything you need to know about the service.

What is billing support?

The billing support function at Paddle answers any transaction-related questions your buyers have about orders processed through the Paddle platform.

How does it work?

Our team handles an array of queries via email and phone. We also have an AI chatbot called Kino that helps buyers via a chat interface and can also reply to emails. Kino will be your buyer’s first line of contact when they seek support. It handles simple and common queries like transaction lookups, cancelations, and refunds. This is the fastest way for a buyer’s query to be resolved. If a question or problem is too complex for Kino, the bot will immediately escalate a ticket to our team for human assistance.

Sometimes we need to escalate a concern to you, but our team is skilled at basic technical troubleshooting; for example, if a firewall might be blocking a download or if a buyer is having issues with the checkout. For issues about the software product itself, we pass the buyer on to your team.

What does it cost?

Our billing support service comes at no additional cost to you as a Paddle customer and is here to free up your time so that you can focus on product development and go-to-market campaigns.

Paddle's billing support at a glance

Paddle's billing support is 24/7. This means that no matter where in the world your buyers are, they can access support. Here are some of the specifics of what our team can handle:

What Kino – our AI Bot – handles:

  • Transaction look-ups
  • Refunds
  • Subscription cancellations

What the billing support team handles:

A buyer’s query will be passed from Kino if there’s a technical issue that requires a higher level of assistance or simply if the buyer prefers to speak to a member of the team. The team handles:

  • Transaction look-ups, refunds, and subscription cancellations
  • Transaction queries related to fraud or unauthorized charges
  • License troubleshooting (if the software is managed by Paddle SDK)
  • Technical concerns about the transaction
  • Completion of supplier forms
  • VAT and US tax refunds

On occasions when we receive queries that our team can’t help with, we’ll forward the buyer and their issue to you. Examples of when this might be the case include technical product support, selling, pre-purchase queries, adding coupon codes post-purchase, or providing coupon codes before purchase.

Five benefits of having billing support with Paddle

1. No additional charge

Billing support is an important part of the payments process and that’s why it’s included in the price you pay for using us as your payments infrastructure provider.

2. Reduces your operating costs

We can handle the majority of non-technical queries on your behalf, freeing up your support team to focus on product-related queries.

3. Tailored to your needs

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we can set custom support rules to best suit your customer support needs, like offering an extended refund policy.

4. Fully integrated for success

Our billing support teams work closely with our customer support and account management teams to share knowledge and for efficient resolution of escalated customer issues.

Tailor your Paddle billing support

We can customize the support we give. Simply pass on any details and requests to your Account Manager, and we’ll do the rest, including:

Refund Policy

Our standard policy is 14 days, but you can extend this to suit your needs, for example, if you have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Cancellation Policy

Our standard policy is to provide buyers with a link to cancel their subscription. You can tailor this to provide a link to a custom cancellation flow or have us forward cancellation requests to your team.

Query-Forwarding Policy

We can handle all transactional queries as listed above, but are there any query types that you would prefer your own team to manage?

Site updates

Update your website’s FAQs / Contact Us page with details on how buyers can get in touch with Paddle.

Where to contact the billing support team

Paddle's billing support will be available to your buyers as soon as you go live with us. You will need to direct buyers with payment-related queries to and

Your team can contact the Paddle Billing Support team at

Let us know who in your team we should inform of any queries that we’ve been unable to resolve on your behalf, such as requests for technical product assistance.

Billing support workflows in detail

Our billing support function is fully integrated within our wider customer success team, making sure you and your buyers have a seamless post-sales experience with Paddle.

Support for simple queries

When you integrate and launch with Paddle, payment, and order-related queries usually come from your buyers directly to our billing support team. If the query is simple and comes through the chat on or by email on, Kino will be able to quickly assist.

Support for more complex queries

For more complex queries, Kino will pass the ticket onto our team, who will take the lead in helping the buyer and bringing the case to resolution. If the query needs input from the wider Paddle team, it will be routed to our billing support team leads for additional support.

In some cases, payment-related queries find their way to you. When you as a seller are faced with payment or transactional queries from a buyer, or you have an escalated case from your team that needs Paddle support, then you can easily get in touch with the buyer support team at

Paddle support for B2B enterprise buyers

If you sell on a B2B basis with Paddle and have enterprise-level buyers, both you as a seller and your enterprise buyers can contact our specially trained agents at They give quick, specialist support on vendor setup and purchase orders, and provide any other documentation and support needed.

Improving our service

We take a great deal of pride in the service that we give to your buyers, and so after each query is resolved we give them the opportunity to share their thoughts in a satisfaction survey. The feedback we collect is reviewed regularly to ensure that we are continuously improving our service.

Flowchart: A standard billing support setup

This flow diagram represents a standard billing support setup and shows how you can best work alongside our billing support team. If you have any particular requirements or questions on this, then please reach out to your Account Manager.


For your buyers: - an online hub where you can direct your buyers to find out more information about a transaction or payment and this is where Kino our chatbot resides to assist. - the email address that your buyers can use to raise a query with our billing support team

Kino - our AI Bot that can communicate with buyers via a chat interface and email, dealing with simple queries

For your team: - the email address for your team to contact our billing support team directly for assistance

For Enterprise: - the email that you and your enterprise buyers and enterprise-related queries. Please don’t advertise this email address on your site. Not for consumption!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it typically take you to respond to buyers?

Kino, our AI Bot, handles up to 70% of conversations with instant replies! Our billing support team is available 24/7 and aims to answer buyer requests within 12 to 24 hours, with our usual response time being much faster! In fact, our average response times are 1 to 2 hours, with 50% of buyers usually getting a reply within 30 minutes.

How do you communicate with buyers?

We use both email and phone, and of course Kino uses a chat interface.

What should I do if a buyer gets in touch saying Paddle billing support isn’t responding?

Reach out to the Paddle customer support team via and we will escalate this to the team leads.

Where should my team direct our buyers for payment related queries?

For general payment queries, direct your buyers to This portal explains what Paddle is and hosts Kino, your buyers’ first contact point for support.

Will my team be able to communicate with your billing support team?

Absolutely. You can reach our team directly by emailing

In what languages does your billing support team handle queries?

At the moment, all inquiries are responded to in English. Non-English concerns are translated, and we use a disclaimer to accommodate any minor misinterpretation by the system.

What is 'enhanced billing support'?

Paddle offers an enhanced support service that allows you to tailor how we support your customers should you have particular requirements that aren’t captured by our standard process. Please get in touch with your Account Manager to find out how we’ve helped other Paddle customers with an enhanced service.