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Customer support

Get answers and guidance from Paddle to overcome hurdles, so you can stay focused on your growth journey. 

Seller support specialist from Paddle

SaaS-specific support 

Paddle provides tailored support for SaaS companies: No generic answers, no slow responses, just impactful guidance across your checkout, subscriptions, payments, and invoices.   

Paddle specialist advising customer

Paddle’s Customer Support agents are on hand to help sellers of all sizes find answers to their implementation questions. So whatever the country, whatever the issue, you spend less time stuck and more time growing your business.

Paddle seller support specialist

Helping every customer

Access the support you need, when you need it, with Paddle’s inclusive Customer Support.

SaaS specific

Get advice from a team that spends all day helping SaaS companies sell software online. 

Highly-rated support

Our support team receives great reviews on G2 and other forums.

Mutual benefits

Paddle grows when you do, so our team is set up to help you surpass any hurdles ASAP. 

With Paddle, the customer support quality is absolutely amazing. When we are experiencing any issues, the team is always there.

Narek SafaryanCEO