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Migration service

Switch to Paddle to grow your SaaS revenue faster, with a migration service that ensures the best customer experience.

subscribers migrating between payment providers

Minimize churn when switching

Want to move to our SaaS payments infrastructure, but concerned about putting your subscribers at risk in the process? Paddle’s migration specialists work with you to design the smoothest transition possible and avoid churn. 

Paddle migration specialist advising customer

Uphold data and payment security 

Worried about the safety of your customers’ data during the move? Paddle works with its payment partners and your existing providers to ensure the safe and compliant transfer of all billing details. 

Paddle shield over customer billing data

Bring everything under one roof

Tempted to leave subscribers where they are to avoid disturbing them? With Paddle’s migration service, you can unify all your customers into one place – our SaaS payments infrastructure – without fear of losing them. 

Migrating subscribers in Paddle platform

A plan for you

Our migration specialists work with you to create a transition plan based on your billing models and current providers.

Seamless billing

Pick up where you left off, billing subscribers through Paddle with minimal risk of churn in the process.

Mapped to your databases

We help you reconcile new subscriber IDs with your existing database to keep your reporting accurate.

PCI compliant vault

We adhere to all data protection regulations when moving subscribers to our secure systems.

We had one dedicated developer working on the migration, and the MVP integration took just four or five days. It was a super easy process, with no downtime or disturbance to our customers.

Alex TaktarovCTO
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