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Paddle recognised among notable SaaS recurring billing solutions for digital business professionals

Forrester has been covering the SaaS recurring billing solutions landscape for a few years, and we are thrilled to see Paddle included in their most recent report on the topic, the SaaS Recurring Billing Solutions Landscape, Q1 2023. The category covers solutions that enable digital business professionals to “configure (and reconfigure) monetization and billing models, manage billing amendments spurred by changes in the customer lifecycle, and deliver better insight into recurring customers and revenue.” This Landscape report helps buyers understand the value they can expect from a SaaS recurring billing vendor, how vendors differ, and select one based on size and market focus.

Forrester identified the core use cases that buyers most frequently seek when shopping for a SaaS recurring billing solution. These core use cases are:

- configuring products and bundles, 

- applying billing logic and bill run frequencies, and 

- configuring usage/consumption billing rating logic. 

Additionally, buyers may look for extended use cases, such as: 

- optimizing recurring payments, 

- revenue recognition and subledger reporting, 

- self-service or CSR/sales order entry portals, 

Forrester covers 42 vendors in this report, and advises that when shortlisting SaaS recurring billing vendors, buyers should also consider company size, type of offering (public cloud, managed service, hybrid, and on-premise), geographic focus, and industry focus. Technology and data leaders should use the market dynamics and use case lists provided in Forrester’s report to choose the best capabilities and vendor for their business requirements.

Paddle has over 4,000 customers, and has seen the rise in recurring revenue over the last five years. Paddle’s Merchant of Record model is used alongside subscription billing functionality to grow revenue, reduce churn, improve time-to-market, and reduce operational costs. Although Paddle’s vertical focus on serving only digital products and software companies has meant it has flown under the radar of major analyst reports until now, the benefits of that holistic approach for its target market are significant.

We are really confident in our ability to serve subscription software businesses, reduce churn and accelerate subscription growth, and would be delighted to speak with anyone interested in finding out more!

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