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Message on Ukraine conflict

I wanted to share publicly what we have already shared with our team and directly affected customers over the last few days.

We have all seen the situation, and humanitarian crisis, prompted by Russian state aggression, unfolding in Ukraine. Some of us are affected directly, with family and friends in the affected regions. And all of us are affected by the destabilization of a peace in Europe that has lasted for most of our lifetimes. 

It’s heartbreaking to see the immediate human impact, which will undoubtedly continue and increase over the coming days and weeks. I’ve been to Kyiv many times over the years – mostly to see our friends and customers at MacPaw and Readdle. It’s a beautiful city, and all of those I have met have been wonderful, proud, ambitious people who share our values and that we’ve been lucky over the years to work with.

As a business, we have been reviewing how we can support our team, our customers, and the Ukrainian community, and I wanted to provide a quick update on our actions so far.

  • We have reached out to Paddlers, our team, that are directly affected, offering support.
  • We have contacted our customers based in Ukraine, offering to make more frequent payouts to those with significant volume, to enable them to support their teams and operations.
  • Myself and many other Paddlers have donated personally, and we are also donating as a business, to charities recommended by our friends on the ground.
  • We are complying with the sanctions that have been enacted. We will be closely monitoring the situation as it develops over the coming days with further sanctions on Russia expected.

We will continue to update our team and customers as the situation develops. Our thoughts are with those under continued bombardment in Ukraine, and our hopes are for a quick route to peace.

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