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Paddle Forward

A look back and a look forward

Welcome to our first quarterly release write-up! Here we take a moment to look back and celebrate the recent feature and product updates that have shaped our story over the past 6 months. But, we’re not just looking back — catch our Paddle Forward event for a fun sneak peek at what’s coming up next.

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Make it easier to capture every sale and convert more customers

Seamless purchasing experiences for your customers.

Apple Pay and Google Pay for subscriptions

Your customers can now enjoy all the benefits of your subscription products with just a few taps on their mobile and tablet device. With Apple and Google Pay enabled in your checkout settings, these payment options are newly available for recurring payments. Plus, customers now have the option to upgrade existing subscriptions to make the most of Apple or Google Pay, enhancing their overall payment experience.

Update payment methods
Apple Pay | Google Pay

Payment links

Generate a shareable checkout link for any transaction to make it even easier for your B2B customers to pay.

Improved customer support

We have improved and simplified the path your customers take to identify a Paddle transaction and perform basic operations like requesting a refund or cancellation.

Cancellation flows

Automatically deliver a great cancellation experience with Cancellation Flows by Paddle Retain. Collect valuable insights to deliver personalised salvage attempts, and reduce churn by up to 25%.

Platform enhancements that work smarter, not harder

Explore subscription management updates with Paddle Billing.

Subscription dashboard enhancements

 We've been refining our subscription features to ensure a frictionless experience for your customers. Our latest updates include allowing seamless one-time charges, flexible trial extensions, easy updates during trials, and instant pausing or cancellation. Check out the specifics below.

One-time charges for subscriptions

Bill one-off charges such as activation or overage fees to your subscription customers. You can now keep non-recurring revenue tied to a subscription without impacting your core plans. One-time charges also makes offering promotions or upsells to existing subscribers much more fluid.

Extending trial subscription periods

Give customers more time to evaluate your product simply by changing the next billing date. And if they're ready to transition to a paid plan, easily bring their trial to a close early, reducing your cost of acquisition.

Learn more

Updating trial subscription plans

Upgrade and downgrade an access tier and change quantities on the fly. Your customers have the flexibility to tailor their trial subscription to their needs, increasing the odds of them converting to a paid plan.

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Pause & cancel a plan immediately

You can now pause or cancel a subscription instantly rather than having to wait for the end of the billing period. Reducing friction and helping to drive retention for those who want to resubscribe at a later date.

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Checkout flexibility for greater control

We have built more flexibility into your checkout to give you control over your checkout experience. With the ability to override tax settings, decide tax inclusivity, and fine-tune discounts, easily manage open checkouts by adjusting quantities and visibility of discounts to align with your specific requirements.

Show or hide discounts

Control how and when you offer discounts by toggling the discount field on and off in your checkout settings.

Show or hide tax information

Offer a simpler, more personalised checkout to your B2C customerbase with the option to hide tax information in your checkout settings.

Updating basket contents

Expanded options for updating an open checkout including; adding, removing or changing quantities of items.

Override tax setting

When creating or editing a price you can now override your account-level tax settings and choose where it includes or excludes tax.

Cash flow reporting with ProfitWell Metrics

Get an overview of your monthly cash flow based on subscription revenue, one-time payments, refunds and fees.

Line item reporting

Get downloadable line item-level transaction and adjustment reports in the dashboard.

Improved checkout onboarding

We've made a number of UX updates to checkout settings to improve onboarding for new sellers.

Expand to even more global markets

Our ambition as a merchant of record is to actively expand our customers' global coverage to serve the widest range of audiences and regions possible.

Unlock growth in LATAM, Turkey and Belgium

Paddle has been expanding its internationalization and local acquiring strategy to help our customers reach consumers and accept payments in the rapidly growing Latin American market. Starting with Mexico and Brazil, Paddle has developed local LATAM acquiring partners to improve payment acceptance, helping our customer to reach a wider customer base and increase revenue potential.

We have also now enabled Colombian Pesos (COP) as a currency in checkout. For a full list of currencies click here.

🇹🇷 Localization for Turkey

We have recently added Turkish to our list of localized checkout options. Enhancing user experience, reducing barriers to conversion, and building trust with a diverse customer base.

🇧🇪 Bancontact for Belgian markets

Bancontact is the number one payment method used by Belgian consumers, allowing you to expand into a larger customer base in Belgium and increase revenue. Bancontact provides a convenient and familiar way for your Belgian customers to make online payments.

Tax enhancements

Stay informed with our latest tax updates, ensuring compliance and efficiency in your operations. See below for more updates on tax we've enabled

Georgia sales tax

For B2C purchases at the rate of 18%.

Uganda sales tax

For B2C purchases at the rate of 18%.

Tanzania sales tax

For B2C purchases at the rate of 18%.

Ghana sales tax

For B2C purchases at the rate of 15%.

2024 tax rates

The new year brings fresh tax updates, to see the latest tax changes for 2024, read all tax region updates

Enhanced developer experience to level up your build

NodeJS and PHP SDKs now available

New SDKs

Paddle is focused on being a platform built to support developers and development teams. As such we have been working on creating SDKs (Software Development Kits) to help streamline and enhance the development process by providing pre-built tools, libraries, and resources. We are pleased to announce that we have just released two SDKs for the following programming languages: NodeJS & PHP.

SDK documentation

Build pricing pages with ease in Paddle Billing

We remain committed to improving the process of integrating Paddle and have now made it even simpler to display localised pricing of your product catalog in Paddle Billing.In the past, accessing your pricing data in Paddle required initiating a backend-call from your server to us when customers visited your pricing pages. Now, we've simplified this by allowing you to retrieve the data using our Javascript SDK, Paddle.js, and client-side tokens. This enables you to effortlessly display prices and load our overlay checkout with minimal effort.

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API, extensions and SDK updates

See the latest updates to the Paddle Billing API or round-up below.

Rolling out: Improvements to how proration is processed are now reflected on a transaction, rather than using separate adjustments.

Emails sent from sandbox now come from so it's easier to filter them when testing.

OpenAPI spec file and Postman collection release to better work with the Paddle API programmatically.

Authenticate with Paddle Retain using client-side tokens - supporting the same client-side tokens as Paddle Billing for authentication.

Updated currency localization for some regions instead of US Dollars without impacting existing subscriptions.

New payment method ID field for transaction payments to easily work with payment methods against a transaction payment attempt payment_method_id field.

Increase customer LTV and reduce churn using Term Optimization - Intelligently identify customers on a monthly plan who are likely to upgrade to a plan with a longer term length.

Restrict payment methods at checkout to choose which payment methods are presented to customers.

Get available payment methods when previewing prices or transactions and see which payment methods are valid for the prices and location passed to a price preview or a transaction preview.

Bill one-time non-catalog items to a subscription without having to add it to your product catalog.

Add non-catalog products and prices to a transaction - Charge for an item without having to add it to your product catalog.

Apply updates to automatically-collected subscriptions when payment fails - Upgrade a subscription, add items, bill for one-time changes, and change billing dates for a subscription even when payment fails.

Create and download reports using the Paddle API - Export data from your Paddle system using the API as well as the Paddle web app.

See how entities were imported against products, prices, discounts, customers, addresses, businesses, and subscriptions.

Generate transaction and adjustment line item reports in a exportable spreadsheet to better understand your data and reconcile account activity.

Simulate Paddle Retain interventions using Paddle.js  to ensure you've installed Paddle.js with Retain correctly

Emails sent from sandbox include a [TEST] prefix in the subject - to easily distinguish between emails sent from your sandbox account and your live account.

Build pricing pages with Paddle.js - without making server-side calls to the Paddle API.

Authenticate using client-side tokens with the  need to pass your seller ID

Get the cardholder name used for transaction payments so you can build billing information pages or integrations that show the name on the card used for a payment attempt.

Set the webpage for payment links against a transaction - Pass an approved domain rather than using your default payment link.

Filter to see single purchase transactions that aren't related to a subscription

Filter subscriptions by collection mode and list only automatically-collected or manually-collected subscriptions

Load Paddle.js as a module and use TypeScript definitions