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Openview + Paddle

OpenView SaaS Benchmarks Report 2023

A SaaS leader’s practical guide to global expansion

Unlock the secrets to navigating the ever-evolving SaaS landscape with the latest Benchmarks Report brought to you by Openview and Paddle.

Key Insights:

  1. While growth is much harder to come by in 2023, there are pockets of resilience amid the doom-and-gloom.
  2. The North Star for many has become ARR per FTE, which reflects the productivity of your team. We’ve seen big increases in ARR per FTE year-on-year.
  3. Positioning yourself as “AI” doesn’t impact growth. But monetizing AI does.
  4. To drive productivity, companies need efficient product-led growth (PLG), expansion within the customer base, and improved operations.

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