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We exist to help subscription companies grow

At Price Intelligently, we take a value-based approach to pricing, helping companies understand the true value they bring to customers, and how to charge for that value. Every engagement with us is different and we're flexible in our solutions to help companies get to the heart of what they need.

How we work

We conduct research by sourcing data from the most important people to your business: your target customers. We measure what they value about your product, and how much they’re willing to pay for that value.

Our proprietary frameworks, survey methods, and mathematical models then analyze that quantitative and qualitative data, to inform actionable solutions for your unique challenges.

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Core perspectives on pricing

Quantified Buyer Personas

Identify your ideal buyers, understand how you drive value for them, and how they drive value for your business too.

A better way to segment your customers

Every product is likely to attract different customer segments who experience and derive value differently. To better understand what drives value for each segment, companies first need to segment their customer base correctly. Use data to quantify your buyer personas to understand who they are, which features they value within your product, their willingness to pay, and their likelihood to buy.  

More than just a marketing exercise

Effective customer segmentation allows businesses to understand what differentiates each segment, what drives value for each segment, and which segments are most valuable to your business. Knowing who to focus on can help marketing teams understand which value propositions and use cases resonate, which then improves the sales experience, shorten deal cycles, and lays the foundation for sound pricing and packaging.

Value Metrics and Pricing Structure

Understand where the value lies in your product, and determine the best way to charge customers for the value you deliver.

Uncover your value drivers

We start by understanding what drives value for your users and prospects, and identify the best way to quantify that value. This becomes your value metric and hints at how customers want to be charged. Examples of value metrics include number of users for Canva, volume of storage for Dropbox, number of emails sent for MailChimp, and the number of contacts stored for HubSpot.

Let your future customers tell you how to charge them

Pricing structure takes this one step further by uncovering how your customers want to be charged for the value you deliver. We then consider your business goals and objectives to determine your best pricing structure. Examples include pay-as-you-go, flat subscription fee with unlimited usage, a subscription for a set amount of usage, and more.

Product Packaging

Perfect packaging allows users to easily identify which package or plan they should start with and effectively nudges users towards an upgrade when the time is right so they can unlock more value from your product.

Identify your core features

Instead of guessing which features are core to your product, get customer insights and market data to identify your real value drivers. Use these insights to differentiate your core features and add-ons, and which features should be scrapped altogether. 

Packaging as a revenue driver

Use this understanding to determine the ideal number of packages you should offer, and how to best bundle your features to drive adoption, conversion, and upsells.

Price Points

Is your price right? We’ll lean on market data and customer research to identify the optimal price point for your packages and add-ons to achieve your business goals.

Use data to answer important pricing questions

We rely on robust data collection and analysis to determine the ideal price point for your product, while considering the different packages, tiers and add-ons you might have. The data we gather include the price sensitivity of current and future customers, and their willingness to pay.

Effective pricing as a growth lever

Pricing can be a powerful growth lever. Depending on your business goals, we’ll use data to identify which price points can maximize revenue and which can drive adoption.

Looking for more specific insights?

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach or your product line, or something else completely, Price Intelligently has the right solution for you.

Price Localization

Understand the local competition and consumer preferences so you can adapt your pricing strategy to local consumers' willingness to pay. Truly localize your offering with unique insights to attract more customers and grow revenue, even if selling at lower prices.

Product bundling

Optimize your suite of products by bundling and pricing them based on your company’s objectives. Whether it’s to drive adoption or revenue, we’ll help you figure out the optimal way to bundle your products.

Bespoke Solutions

If you have more complex challenges to solve, or very specific business questions that need to be answered, we have the expertise, tools, and frameworks to deliver the right outcomes.  We collaborate closely with our partners to create research solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the distinct demands of each client. Schedule a call with us to discuss your unique needs.

It really gave us a better understanding of the perceived value in the marketplace, not just for our product, but relative to the problems we solve and how people are benchmarking it, how they talk about it and what the different value levers are for the different stakeholders.

Andrew MortonChief Revenue Officer at UserVoice

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