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Improve customer retention, automatically

Did you know that 30-40% of your churn comes from payment failures?

Recover your churn with Paddle Retain. Combine world-class subscription expertise with algorithms that leverage billions of data points to improve payment recovery rates.

Boost user retention effortlessly with Paddle Retain's optimized, personalized approach. Say goodbye to generic recovery emails from your subscription or billing system.

Automatically recover failed card payments

Set it up once and we’ll do the rest.

Tactical retries to boost acceptance rates

We’ve analyzed billions of data points to pinpoint the optimal time to retry a card payment. Our retry logic focuses on factors like failure codes, card type, and location.

Frictionless payment update flows

When a payment fails, users are sent a personalized email prompting them to update their payment details, with a payment form (with your branding) that sits on your website.

In-app card update reminders

Paddle Retain proactively identifies cards that are about to expire and reminds in-app users to update their payment details before payment is due.

Cut customer churn by 25-30%, automatically, with Retain

Win back customers before they're lost forever with automated dunning and churn intervention