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Selling SaaS globally

Easily grow your sales outside the US with Paddle

There is a world of customers beyond the US. If you’re not selling internationally, you’re leaving money on the table.

The Challenge

Maximize global revenue, minimize global headaches

Selling internationally is a no-brainer for US companies, especially with flourishing software markets in the EU, South America and Asia. To expand successfully, take the quickest route to revenue with the least headaches.

The Cause

World markets don't act like the US

Global customers have different payment methods and different price sensitivity. Global transactions require foreign banking systems and international payment gateways. Global jurisdictions have varying tax rules and processes. The wider the difference from the US, the more you need to localize your approach or or face hefty non-compliance fines and legal complications.  

sell saas globally
The Solution

Paddle: Your US passport for international growth

Paddle enables you to maximize conversion and revenue in every global market. As a merchant of record, Paddle takes away the back office pain of handling international transactions, minimizing cross-border payment failures, removing global tax complications, and enhancing customer acquisition through localized pricing and payment options.


Sell globally without payments distractions


Expand rapidly and monetize quicker


Make customer acquisition easier


Be globally compliant for sales tax

Better payment acceptance

Increase your global revenue with Paddle’s intelligent payment methods, gateways and banking infrastructure. This ensures every payment is routed for optimal acceptance rates and reduces cross-border payments failure.

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Faster market penetration

Expand rapidly in each new market with Paddle’s ready-to-go international billing solution, which minimizes foreign payment issues, reduces churn and helps you monetize customers quicker.

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Simpler customer acquisition

Acquire and retain new global customers more easily with Paddle’s hyper-localized checkout experience, which adapts your pricing and payment options according to local market preferences and willingness-to-pay.

Global expansion without the headaches

Eliminate the cost and risk of global tax compliance with Paddle’s merchant of record taking on the liability and responsibility for calculating, filing, and remitting sales tax in over 100 jurisdictions.

We were quite happy with Stripe until we were getting customers outside of the US and started receiving notifications that we weren’t complying with these countries’ tax regulations. We realized we needed to get a merchant of record and Paddle really stood out.

Thijs van AsHead of Product,