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A merchant of record built for software companies

Choosing the wrong merchant of record can mean wasting time on legacy issues, poor support, and inflexible billing. Paddle is the only Merchant of Record built specifically for the software industry.

The challenge with legacy merchant of record

Businesses have been using a merchant of record to sell online for decades; It’s the best way of sidestepping a fragmented, risky payments stack. 

But most options on the market were created in the pre-SaaS world. Dealing with them these days means lots of versioning issues and hacks. Not to mention slow support. 

You are most likely using the right model, but the wrong platform. 

Why Paddle is different

Paddle uses the proven MOR business model and applies it to a modern, fast-growing payment infrastructure. For the best of both worlds. So you can have complete confidence in your payment partner. We take all responsibility and liability for payment methods, global sales tax liability, billing support, and more for 3000+ software companies.

The bottom line: less time maintaining a legacy system, more time growing with a reliable, modern merchant of record.


Land & expand customers with modern SaaS experiences


No slowdowns to build, maintain, and fix your payment stack


Avoid add-on fees, overcharges, and wasted resource


De-risk your payments with a more reliable infrastructure

The results speak for themselves…

As an MoR managing the payments stacks, subscriptions, sales tax, and more on behalf of over 3000 software companies, we have found that sellers who move to Paddle usually see:

  • 35% lower cost of revenue delivery
  • 25% higher payment acceptance rate
  • 20% improved Net Revenue Retention (NRR)
  • 100% Tax and regulatory compliance in every jurisdiction you sell to

With Paddle, we can reach a wider global audience and localize their experience more easily.

Patrick MüllerProduct Manager
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