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2023 pricing benchmarks: SaaS businesses are getting smarter in a tougher market

When we opened our doors over a decade ago, most SaaS companies treated pricing and packaging as an afterthought. In 2023, that’s changed.

In fact, over 94% of B2B SaaS pricing leaders update pricing and packaging at least once per year, with almost 40% updating as often as once per quarter. B2B SaaS leaders are getting smarter in a tougher market when it comes to their monetization strategies.

How those B2B SaaS businesses are thinking about their pricing and making decisions is what the State of SaaS pricing in 2023 report dives into. The team over at Price Intelligently by Paddle surveyed hundreds of B2B leaders to get a current view of the state of SaaS pricing and packaging in 2023.

The data shows that SaaS companies are leveraging pricing and packaging as part of their growth strategy and that companies connecting their product to user value will always outperform their peers. The most sophisticated businesses are using a value-based pricing approach: measuring how much customers value each part of their product, and identifying the customers with the highest willingness to pay.

Download the report straight to your inbox, with data and recommendations into:

  1. How B2B SaaS businesses are operating in a tough macroeconomic environment.
  2. How SaaS leaders are leveraging pricing updates in 2023.
  3. What pricing strategies are dominating the marking and what you should focus on.
  4. What free offerings are coming out on top.
  5. Where the opportunity for growth lies in the market.

Spoiler alert: For scaling SaaS companies in a growth-stricken environment, value-based pricing is where your real opportunity is, without losing margins or throwing more money at marketing.

By the end of the report, you'll get an idea of how you compare to the market and where you can set yourself apart from your competition in 2024.

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