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Paddle partners with usage-based pricing solution m3ter

Introducing our newest partnership to help you deploy usage-based pricing

More and more SaaS businesses are implementing usage-based pricing (UBP) to closely link the customer value they provide with how much their customers use their services. The result is faster growth, higher retention, and greater customer satisfaction.

But almost all existing sales & marketing, customer success, subscription management, or billing and finance systems are designed for simple subscriptions and have not been built with a usage-based operating model in mind. The most common result is that your billing operations become unnecessarily painful and error-prone, and you can’t implement the type of UBP that best suits your product and delights your customers.

Earlier this week, a new product was launched to the market called m³ter. Today we announce our partnership and integration with m³ter to enable you to deploy usage-based pricing and billing on a global scale.

m3ter is a metering and pricing engine for SaaS companies that makes it easy to intelligently deploy and manage usage-based pricing.

m³ter has been designed from the ground up to solve key UBP challenges:

  • Flexible, powerful, and elegant easy-to-use solution.
  • Cloud scale and developer-first with full API access.
  • Works with your existing tooling ecosystem and can integrate with anything, meaning you don’t have to change any of your other systems.

Our partnership with m³ter is designed to make it easy for businesses to implement usage-based pricing and billing without having to build any new systems.

m³ter comes pre-integrated with Paddle and works out-of-the-box with the other parts of your existing tech stack. Easily integrate m³ter with any of your other systems so you don’t have to make time- and resource-intensive changes to get going.

To make things even easier, Paddle can bundle m³ter’s Core Metering & Rating Engine together with our service so that you can buy the complete solution in one place whilst still getting the benefit of the full power and flexibility of m³ter.

We’re thrilled that existing and new Paddle customers can now implement UBP quickly using m³ter’s easy-to-use tools.

Get in touch to learn more about implementing user-based pricing with Paddle.

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