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Announcing the most comprehensive book written on saas pricing

We've put together the best book on SaaS pricing ever - teaching strategy, process, and design.

At this point we've said this at least a thousand times: pricing is the highest impact lever on your business. Yet, we spend on average eight hours in the entire history of our businesses optimizing this crucial lever. 

That's not ok. It's time for a change. 

We built Price Intelligently to help companies with this exact problem, so after five years of research and more data than you can imagine, we're ready to give the world our new 140 page book: The Anatomy of SaaS Pricing Strategy

You can get the book at the link below, but the following is an overview of what you'll be getting.

Here's what you'll get in our new book (for free): 

  • Chapter 1: Why You Need a Pricing Strategy. We start with the basics—why a pricing strategy is crucial to the long-term success of both you and your customer. An effective pricing strategy is one of the most efficient growth levers available, allowing you to build a foundation for better customer acquisition and longer term retention.
  • Chapter 2: Why Value Based Pricing Is the Best Pricing Strategy. There are a ton of competing theories out there as to how you should develop your pricing strategy. We nail down why value-based pricing is the only one that allows both customer and company to reap the rewards of the relationship.
  • Chapter 3: The Importance of Quantified Buyer Personas. Quantified buyer personas form the basis of the work we do here at Price Intelligently. We are the experts on them. The chapter explores the theory behind them, why the majority of people are missing vital data on their customers, and why quantification is the approach you need to take with buyer personas.
  • Chapter 4: Using Quantified Buyer Personas as Part of Your Pricing Process. Here we let you in on our secrets and show you how to take your regular buyer personas to the next level, where they can actually help you set your pricing strategy. We detail the questions you need to ask your customers so that you have the data to build your pricing strategy.
  • Chapter 5: How to Find the Right Value Metric for Your Business. Value metrics are the foundation of good subscription revenue pricing strategy. They help you grow as your customer grows and captures the value that you are delivering as they size up. We go into the details of how you can decide what value metric is right for your particular product and how to design your pricing around it.
  • Chapter 6: How Your Company Can Build a Pricing Machine. You need your whole team on board to build an effective pricing strategy. Here we show the make-up of an ideal pricing team, who should own pricing, and how to bake a testing framework into the very core of your company.
  • Chapter 7: Designing Your Pricing Page. At some point, you have to put numbers on a page. But designing a pricing page is much, much more than just that. You have to show the right information without overloading potential customers, and show the clear growth of their company through your value metric so that when the time comes for them to upgrade, then know exactly what they are getting.
  • Chapter 8: Why You Shouldn't A/B Test Your Prices. A/B testing works in a lot of areas in SaaS, but pricing isn't one of them. A/B testing should be avoided at all costs. Instead, you need to build a long-term testing and research process into your pricing strategy. We'll discuss how this can help you see what your customers really think of your pricing.
  • Chapter 9: Why Localizing Your Prices Increases Growth. Around the world, it's not all about the Benjamins. It could be about the Queens or the Wilfrid Lauriers. Without price localization, you are leaving money on the table all around the world. But with a few subtle changes on your site, you can show that you care about markets beyond just your local currency.
  • Chapter 10: Why You Should Be Smart About Discounting. To round out the book, we have a look at one of the biggest problems in SaaS pricing—discounting. Discounts are a very attractive way for companies to bring customers through the door, but you do it at your own peril. Here we deep dive into why discounts don't work, as well as highlight some of the very few exceptions to this rule.

We've used these strategies and tactics to create billions of dollars of growth for the SaaS and subscription ecoystem. You can download the book here, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact usWe're more than happy to help.

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