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You asked, we listened: Launching our sandbox test environment

At Paddle, we pride ourselves on solving for the customer. We actively seek feedback and look to improve wherever we can. 

Recently, we’ve had the same feedback from many sellers about something they’d love to see. Something that until now we hadn’t had a solution for.

This was, of course, a test environment for Paddle. So I’m pleased to say that today, we’re launching a sandbox environment.

Using sandbox

Whether you’re new to Paddle or an existing seller looking to introduce a new billing model, upgrade path, user portal, coupon code, or checkout design, you can now set up and test your integration without publishing changes to your live site until you’re ready. 

Your sandbox account also allows you to easily collaborate with team members to amend your revenue delivery set up over time, including testing your: 

  • Payment logic: Ensure subscriptions and product access respond as expected, from customer upgrades/downgrades, price modification, cancellations, payment method changes, add-on purchases, and more. 
  • Transaction types: Use different ‘fake’ card numbers to simulate various types of transaction (for example, successful or unsuccessful transactions, and those with or without 3D Secure authentication flows). 
  • Subscription lifecycle: Pull forward a subscription billing date in the sandbox to simulate monthly or annual subscription plans in minutes. 
  • Checkout styling: Choose from dozens of different styling options with Branded Inline Checkout and test how they look, safe in the knowledge that your customers won’t see any changes until you’re happy. 

With the sandbox, you can test without the data mixing with your live performance metrics, and – thanks to test cards – you won’t need to try and then refund your own real transactions either.

Getting Started

If you’re new to Paddle simply sign up for a Paddle account. You will then be able to create a sandbox account and test Paddle right away. While you’re testing, our team will complete the verification process. Once approved, you’ll be able to log-in to your main production account.

Existing Paddle sellers can access the sandbox now. Simply sign up , create your login, and get started.

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