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Paddle Platform

Payments infrastructure for SaaS companies

Paddle offers SaaS companies a completely different way to sell. Instead of assembling and maintaining a complex stack of payments-related apps and services, we provide an all-in-one solution.

Commerce Layer

Choose how you want to sell

The Commerce Layer supports every type of sales motion. With Paddle, you can deliver an optimal checkout experience that will convert more inbound leads, scale your sales-assisted invoicing to more business accounts, and add subscription billing to better retain and expand your customer base. 


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Finance Layer

We do the heavy lifting on payments

However and wherever you sell, our Finance Layer ensures you get as much revenue as possible, while remaining secure and globally compliant. We route between multiple payment partners, cover 100% of sales tax compliance and protect you against fraud. In short, Paddle helps you get paid. 


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Tax & compliance

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Fraud protection

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Data Layer

All your revenue data in one place

With all your revenue coming through Paddle, across every bank, region and channel, our Data Layer acts as your single source of truth. So whether you run your reports through Paddle or connect to another tool, your data is always reliable.


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Upsell insights

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Integrated into your systems

Paddle's APIs and webhooks integrate with your existing processes for CRM, ERP, ledgers and business itelligence

With Paddle at the center of your SaaS payments, it’s important we speak to your other systems. Using our secure APIs and webhooks, we can easily connect to your existing business intelligence tools and keep everything in sync.


Expert guidance for you and consumers

Customer support

Tailored support for SaaS companies so you can stay focused on your growth journey 

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Migration service

Move subscribers to Paddle seamlessly and avoid churn

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Billing support

Our Billing Support team provides a 24/7 worldwide service, with excellent customer satisfaction scores

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Premium services


Navigate your growth trajectory with the right people at your side

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Implementation service

Our Solutions Architects create a bespoke implementation guide to help you navigate the setup process

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