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Paddle acquires ProfitWell

The "done for you" approach to SaaS payments, billing, and growth

A shared mission

Run and grow your SaaS business, automatically

Paddle and ProfitWell have always had a common goal: To help software companies grow faster and more efficiently by taking care of operational and financial hurdles – the kind that burn resources and hold back growth.

As one team and one platform, we accelerate our ability to free SaaS businesses from back-office admin to focus on more important things, like their products, their teams, and their customers.

A word from Christian Owens, Paddle CEO
Christian Owens and Patrick Campbell discuss the ins and outs of merging businesses

We kept the cameras rolling to capture the highs and lows of the acquisition process...

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Inside a Tech Acquisition

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About ProfitWell

For forward thinking recurring revenue businesses who value growth, ProfitWell provides industry standard BI solutions that improve your retention and monetization automatically through unmatched subscription intelligence.

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Who is ProfitWell and what do they do?

ProfitWell has built the number one subscription metrics and retention platform for SaaS. With a large and growing cohort of over 30,000 customers; shows and podcasts widely watched throughout SaaS; the most effective subscription retention tool on the market; and Price Intelligently, the industry-leading software for monetization strategy.

Why are ProfitWell and Paddle joining forces?

This is the next step in Paddle’s mission to make running and growing a subscription business automatic. 

By integrating ProfitWell’s industry-renowned free financial metrics, as well as their pricing and retention software, subscription businesses will now be able to plug into Paddle and have their taxes, payments, billing, reporting, retention, and pricing all done for them. Together the combined business will use this “do it for you” attitude to capitalize on the new wave of software that focuses on just taking care of the problem instead of giving tools to solve it, allowing subscription businesses the bandwidth to focus on what’s important - their product, team, and customer.

Beyond the strategic rationale for the acquisition, we also saw alignment in terms of company size/stage and culture. Both sides have been impressed with the Executive and Senior Leadership teams and have already built great relationships as part of the acquisition process. 

Does this acquisition change Paddle’s goals?

No, it accelerates our ability to achieve them.

How does acquiring ProfitWell accelerate Paddle’s mission?

Paddle’s ambition is to become the platform that all software companies use to understand, operate and grow their businesses. Acquiring ProfitWell accelerates this ambition in three key ways:

  1. ProfitWell has built the number one subscription metrics and retention platform - this accelerates our product roadmap and has been something our existing customer base has been asking for. It also allows us to serve software companies who have chosen not to use Paddle as their core billing and subscription platform.
  2. ProfitWell’s Price Intelligently practice is trusted and known by most growth-stage software companies. This gives Paddle a real opportunity to expand and leverage a data-backed advisory practice for SaaS growth.
  3. ProfitWell’s Recur Media team have been creating some of the most popular educational SaaS content, such as Pricing Page Teardown and Protect the Hustle. We want to help every software company grow, and see an expanded set of shows and benchmarking data as beneficial to the whole industry.
How does this affect Paddle customers?

For Paddle’s customers, the ability to access ProfitWell’s Metrics product from the Paddle dashboard (once fully integrated) will allow Paddle’s customers to have access to subscription and retention metrics to help them run and grow their businesses more effectively. Paddle reporting capabilities have been high on the list of features/requests from existing and prospective customers. ProfitWell’s other products - Retain, Recognized and Price Intelligently - will help accelerate our customers’ growth through best practice, advice, and reduction in churn.

Where does ProfitWell operate?

ProfitWell has employees across three key locations: Boston (US), Salt Lake City (US), and Rosario (Argentina).

Where can I find out more?

Christian Owens, founder & CEO of Paddle and Patrick Campbell founder & CEO of ProfitWell are running a Webinar on the 31st of May where you can ask all your questions about the acquisition. Save your seat here