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Announcing SaaSFest 2017

SaaSFest started with a very specific goal:  together executives to learn from one another in a non-promotional conference. 

We didn't want sponsors pitching you until nausea. We didn't want 10k people where you ironically felt more alone than ever. We especially didn't want fluffy talks that began and ended with "just be better."

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SaaSFest isn’t just about learning from the speakers (though we have a lineup of standouts including David Hauser, Guillaume Cabane, Nicola Anderson and more, including some speakers being announced in 2 weeks). It’s a chance to go deep on SaaS strategy in chats with your colleagues and learn the ins and outs of monetization, retention, and acquisition in focused sessions with SaaS luminaries.

You can get more details below, but check out our SaaSFest website to register for exclusive early bird tickets (which expire October 23) and see our ever-growing speakers list. We’ve already sold half of our tickets and intentionally limit the size of the conference, so pick up your tickets while they’re still available.

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While SaaSFest has evering you’d expect from a top tier conference, we break some rules to make the whole exper

We limit the total number of attendees to give you a chance to develop deep connections with colleagues. We ban corporate sponsors - you’re here to learn, not to hear a pitch. We create a ton of opportunities to meet people -- randomized seating, curated introductions, and plenty of time in between talks -- so you won’t get buttonholed by the same crowd.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to create the kind of conference we’d want to attend.

Here’s what you can expect when you come to SaaSFest:

Each segment will feature a series of 30 to 45-minute talks. Like last year, we’re skipping panels in favor of speakers that will offer deep cuts in their area of expertise.

This year's main event will be headlined by some of the most impactful figures in SaaS like:

Plus, Hiten Shah of Crazy Egg and Quick Sprout is scoring a triumphant hat-trick on the SaaSFest stage after giving wildly popular talks each of the last two years.

These are just a few of our speakers and we’ll continue announcing more in the lead up to the conference. After the fun is over, we’ll hook you up with all of the resources from the day, including videos of the talks and supplemental materials from the speakers. You can engage with our current lineup and follow our updates with #saasfe and on SaaSFest website.

At Price Intelligently, we’ve developed a bit of expertise in the field of SaaS pricing (a lot if we’re not being humble :)). For companies looking for specific guidance to optimize their pricing, packaging, and positioning, we’re hosting a full day workshop to develop a tailored pricing framework and testing plan.

We know you can get general advice on our blog, so we’ll work through specific exercises about the pricing structure of your company and demands of your market. We’ll walk you through:

  • Creating quantified buyer personas
  • Identifying growth opportunities in your current pricing data
  • Methods to collect high quality pricing and relative preference data
  • Techniques to use data for pricing, positioning, marketing, funnel alignment, and more

We'll give you an inside look at what we do for companies that work with us and help you create a tailored framework that you can take back to your company. Your SaaSFest tickets are included when you come to the workshop and you can bring up to three team members to the workshop with you.

Last year, we tried a bold experiment: an invite-only post-conference discussion for founders and executives of recurring revenue businesses. It went far better than we expected. One attendee said it was, “The most honest conversation I’ve had about my company all year.” This year, we’re excited to host it again.

Trial and Error is a time to reflect on learnings from the conference and candidly discuss the challenges we face. We’ll talk openly about our wins and failures and shared issues we work through as SaaS leaders. It’s a judgement-free zone where everything discussed in the room stays there -- there’s no social media allowed.

You’ll leave the discussion feeling ready to tackle whatever challenges arrive next, backed up by a new network of high level execs and founders who you can call for advice. It’s a deeply moving and memorable experience. You can apply to attend here for more details.

SaaSFest is all about attendees coming together to share what they've learned while working on the front lines of SaaS and building a shared community in the process. It’s not your typical conference -- it’s a chance to hear actionable lessons from leaders you can immediately apply at work. You'll get to know the people who are making it happen at successful SaaS companies from around the world.

Best of all, you can register today! Early bird tickets for $799 are available until October 23rd and you can take advantage of a limited supply of discounted rooms at the Marriott Long Wharf (our venue). Make sure to follow #saasfest17 for all the updates. See you in December!

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