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Our approach

The world’s leading SaaS pricing experts

We use a blend of frameworks and methodologies to collect and analyze data to deliver insights that help businesses solve their unique pricing challenges.


Gather audience data

Your target customers are the only people who are truly going to know the answer to how much they’re willing to pay or what features they value. Using our proprietary process, we source data from anyone needed, from a soccer mom (or dad) in Kansas to Fortune 500 CIOs.

  • Access to 240M+ B2B and B2C consumers worldwide
  • Psychographic, demographic, and preference targeting
  • Rigorous vetting to ensure a result you can take to market with confidence

Quantify value

Using our pricing and relative value algorithms, we’ll take the data we collected and break down the features, functionality, and positioning that drive or detract from value. Of course, we’ll also determine willingness to pay by segment and persona. You’ll learn more about your target customers than you’ve ever before.

  • Fully statistically accurate value and willingness to pay segmentation
  • Clear recommendations based on the data and our industry context
  • Your own dedicated pricing team to walk you through the results

Test & implement

Implement your pricing changes, rinse, and repeat.

Pricing is a process that requires just as much attention as product development. After all, price is the exchange rate on the value you’re providing, so if your product, brand, and positioning improve, your pricing needs to improve. We’re here with our expertise to help keep the pricing process moving within your company.

  • Implementation support and expertise
  • Ongoing value analysis with your embedded PI pricing team

We hired Price Intelligently because we want to ground everything that we do in data and feedback.

Suneet BhattVP Marketing, Chartbeat