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Price Intelligently

Value-based pricing strategies that get results

Price Intelligently is Paddle’s dedicated team of monetization experts. We combine unrivaled expertise and data to solve your unique pricing challenges and catapult your growth.

Price Intelligently partners with you to solve your unique monetization problems

Stand out in a competitive market with
strategic insights tailored for you.

We specialize in data-backed pricing strategies that break the status quo

We partner with SaaS and subscription companies to holistically understand your pricing challenges, uncover the right problems to solve, and develop monetization strategies tailored to you.

Discover our services
  • Quantified buyer personas
    Identify your ideal buyers, understand how you drive value for them, and how they drive value for your business too.
  • Value metrics & pricing structure
    Understand where the value lies in your product, and determine the best way to charge customers for that value.
  • Product packaging
    Stop guessing which features are core to your product. Use market data to differentiate between basic and premium features.
  • Price points
    Get market data and customer research to identify the optimal price point for your packages and add-ons to maximize revenue.
  • Custom research & analysis
    Work closely with our team to identify your unique challenges and we’ll create bespoke solutions to get the insights you need.


not playbooks.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, rote frameworks, or cookie-cutter insights. We take the time to listen to your team to understand your business context and the challenges you face. And, we’ll be in your corner championing the best outcome for your business.

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Our average value on new business is through the roof. Our win rate has improved, particularly in higher tier packages. Our momentum, our velocity, our closed-won rate on the top tier all improved substantially.

Andrew MortonUserVoice , Chief Revenue Officer

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You know your business, we know pricing

Price Intelligently's team of monetization experts combine strategy, data and expertise to accelerate your growth