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Tackle churn from all angles

Churn management software that proactively reduces voluntary churn. Promote longer-term plans, salvage customers about to cancel, or win back customers who've already cancelled.

Term optimization

Upgrade customers to longer term subscriptions

Customers on longer-term plans have 20-35% higher retention than those on monthly plans. Paddle Retain leverages user engagement data to target customers likely to upgrade, boosting LTV and retention.

  • Analyzes customer activity and automatically targets the right users at the right time
  • Upgrade customers from monthly quarterly or annual plans
  • Localized in-app and email notifications
  • Choose to optimize for retention, cash flow, or both
Cancellation flows

Deliver a great experience until the very end 

With Paddle Retain, every customer gets a custom off-boarding flow and personalized offer that encourages them to stay on. Save up to 25% of customers from canceling and get robust cancellation insights to improve your customer experience.

  • Optimized flows and personalized salvage offers to minimize cancellations
  • First-hand cancellation insights to improve your product experience
  • Set it up once and it will work in the background to save customers from churning without additional lift
  • Legally compliant in major jurisdictions, without sacrificing the user experience that reduces churn
Retain enables personalized salvage offers for lapsed customers

Win back churned users with a better offer

Not all who cancel are lost. Users usually return when you can provide a better offer. Paddle Retain identifies churned customers most likely to return, and sends them the right offer at the right time to increase your chances of winning them back.

  • Retain analyzes factors like how long a customer was around, their activity level, and their plan to identify target customers to win back.
  • We send lost customers the right message, at the right time, through the right channels.
  • Retain automatically deploys targeted, discrete, and personalized offers to encourage users to reactivate their paid subscriptions.

Cross-channel retention strategy

All churn interventions can be sent via email, in-app or SMS. Set it up once and we’ll send out personalized, white-labeled messages to the right users.

Localized content

Improve retention by communicating to your customers in their own language. We translate all Paddle Retain messages to your customer’s language, with zero work on your part.

Google and Apple Pay 

Paddle Retain’s payment forms include Google Pay and Apple Pay so users can update failed payments with 1-click or by using Face ID. All of which doubles payment form conversion.

Quick setup

Paddle Retain integrates with your billing stack in less than 30 minutes

Retain plugs right into your existing billing system and works automatically in the background to help prevent churn. Keep development time to a minimum with Paddle Retain.

Customize retention offers to match your brand's visual language

Best-in-class churn software

Paddle Retain has the highest payment recovery rates in the industry. We're continuously optimizing our recovery tactics to improve performance for your business.

Data-driven retention

We continue to study billions of data points to understand why users cancel and how to win them back. Paddle Retain's algorithms are constantly evolving to improve recovery rates.

Completely white labeled

All of Paddle Retain’s churn interventions are 100% white-labeled. Your customers will get a great experience from start to end, delivered with your branding. 

SOC2 Certified and secure

Paddle Retain is certified with the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework, as well as SOC2 Type 2. Our data is also encrypted in transit (with advanced TLS protocols and 2,048 bit keys) and at rest (with Amazon's Key Management Service). We also utilize your existing billing system, keeping you PCI compliant.

For us, Retain is totally worth it. It allows us to improve our core product experience [while we] use Retain as a white-label solution to increase revenue recovery and retention. Revenue and revenue growth is correlated with valuation increase and we've seen over a million dollars in valuation increase in our company just from Retain alone.

Paul YacoubianFounder and CEO at Copy.ai